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Word of tourist guide of Hangzhou west lake
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Before coming to Hangzhou, you had heard of certainly " on have heaven, there is Su Hang below " this logion! Actually, compare Hangzhou into terrestrial heaven, because had a west lake,be greatly. Came 100000, west lake scenery is having unfailing charm, her abundant appearance beautiful image, your person falls in love at first sight. Toward great poet with respect to Liantang Bai Juyi leaves to return west lake of bear in mind constantly when Hangzhou, "Fail to be cast Hangzhou goes, half stop over is this lake. " the poet says he is hated to part with leave Hangzhou, its are main the reason has a beautiful and attractive west lake because of Hangzhou namely. "The world west lake 36, medium had better be Hangzhou " ah!

Friends: I am followed one case below from Yue Miao dock visits a west lake by ship. Did not start in the boat before, I introduce the general situation of the west lake first: The west lake is located in Hangzhou city on the west, 3 annulus hill, the east is close to the urban district, north and south grows about 3.2 kilometers, the thing is wide about 2.8 kilometers, a week that circle a lake is close 15 kilometers. The area makes an appointment with 5.68 square kilometer, the islands in including a lake is 6.3 square kilometer, average depth of water 1.55 meters, control the most greatly at 2.8 meters, the lowest point is not worth 1 meter, store water quantity is in 8.5 million arrive between 8.7 million stere. Su Di and white bank separate lake side into outside the lake, lake in north, the lake mixes Li Huyue on the west Xiaona lake 5 parts. The west lake has wonderful scenery everywhere, divide on the history have " Qian Tang 10 scene " , " west lake 18 scene " besides, the famousest is denominate of the Southern Song Dynasty " west lake 10 scene " , mom: Curfew of fish of view of snow of the carry on one's shoulder of wind of dawn of Su Di spring, music courtyard, Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake, incomplete that break the bridge, beautiful harbor, Na Bing, Shuang Feng inserts the cloud, Lei Feng billow of afterglow, 3 Tan Yinyue, scull. Be like the connotation that will nod with every word, they are: Chun Xiaqiu winter is beautiful, willow of Wan Yunxi month. No matter,pointed out Chun Xiaqiu winter, no matter Ming Huichen faints, west lake wonderful scenery all has constantly, the characteristic that is in everywhere. Judged again 1985 went out " new west lake 10 scene " . Inside the gardens beauty spot of the 60 square kilometer that is a center with the west lake, promulgating main scenery has 40 much place scenic spot, historic site of key cultural relic has 30 much place. Wraparound rise west lake scenery is main it is with one lake, 2 peaks, 3 springs, 4 temples, 5 hill, 6 garden, 7 holes, 8 graves, 9 brooks, 10 scene get the better of. On November 8, 1982, the State Council labels the west lake scenery of emphasis of the first batch of nations scenic spot one of. 1985, be in " 10 fresh gale scene of Chinese scenic spot " in choosing, the west lake is judged to be the 3rd.
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