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West lake: Thick makeup Dan Mei always appropriate
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West lake: Thick makeup Dan Mei always appropriate

West lake Su Di
Beautiful Hangzhou west lake is located in west city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou, its with its beautiful the natural beauty of lakes and mountains and numerous famous places and historical sites famed China and foreign countries, it is our country's famed travel resort, also be known as terrestrial heaven. Beauty spot of Hangzhou west lake is a center with the west lake, cent is lakeside area, lake heart area, north a mountainous area, south a mountainous area with Qian Tang area, gross area amounts to 49 square kilometer. The beauty of the west lake sees in Yu Qing billow, show in rain sky is unconscious. No matter shade of pluvial snow fine, falling can become below glow, aerosol scene; In spring flower, qiu Yue, xia He, each have beautiful state in wintry snow. Lake area sees with the beautiful scene of Su Di and white bank say.
Su Di and white bank are traversed at the west lake, it is west lake space on the west in lake, xiaona lake, yue Hu, the lake is mixed outside li of lake 5 parts. White Sha Di of white bank original name, join to Duan Qiao by Gu hill area. Su Di is place of Su Dong slope to build, traverse west lake north and south. There is stone arch bridge on the bank 6. Open at the beginning of dawn every time, su Wu is like smoke, when lake face vacates a mist, appear 6 bridges of " the beautiful scenery of smoke willow " , it is Qian Tang one of 10 scene.
Hangzhou west lake 3 annulus hill, the area makes an appointment with 5.6 kilometers, lake week makes an appointment with 15 kilometers. Scene area by one hill (Gu hill) , two banks (Su Di, Bai Di) , 3 islands (Ruan Gong mound, a pavilion in the middle of a lake, small sea continent) , 5 lakes (outside the lake in west lake, north, on the west li lake, Yue Hu. The beauty of the west lake, be in not only lake, also depend on hill. Surround west lake, southwest has mountain of Dragon Well tea, manage An Shan, south height, mountain misting and clouds in the twilight, big Ci Shan, have hill of height of clever concealed hill, north, female immortal, dwell Xia Ling, lapidary hill, they resemble month of numerous star arch same, hold a west lake in both hands this bright phearl. Peak strange stone is beautiful, lin Quan deep and remote beauty. Photograph of Yao of height of north and south confronts each other, insert the sky high. The tiger is being hidden to run in this group of hill, the hole big pool such as the renown spring such as Dragon Well tea, Yu Quan and hole of hole misting and clouds in the twilight, water happy hole, Shi Wu. These give lake Shan Pingtian many charm.
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