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West lake: Lake light mists and clouds medium fond dream (graph)
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West lake: Lake light mists and clouds medium fond dream (graph)
Dream, it is truthless, visional. It is person fantasy is medium. Then, arrive when beauty of a thing truthless, the United States arrives visional, so the person always is met rise this content and dream join, as if everything arrived in dream just have him presence is possible. Gu Jin how many bookman says the west lake into a dream, one has the height austral the move, boreal height, light of a lake mists and clouds medium fond dream. Everything about the west lake is so truthless in poetic article. It is so unsurpassed reaching the beauty. The person that lets look cannot bear going west lake, must go again west lake. Cannot bear going is to be afraid of after going, light of that one lake can not agree with her great reputation, broke a bottom of the heart to get drunk old fond dream. Must going is not to want to be in however have unripe year miss from ancient continuance up to now continuous a spring dream that did not break. Taking find a dream, I came to a west lake in the lance umbo that is afraid that the dream wakes again, come in the natural beauty of lakes and mountains that poem of this advanced already person has visited mentally countless times. The west lake did not make me disappointed after all. Stand still lakefront, the dream in the bottom of the heart begins slowly rise, that envelops a mist in the dream to also begin from beginning to end slowly retire. What visional dream begins to change momently from this is true. I begin to become problem of a fill a vacancy, the examination paper of fill a vacancy is in my heart, the answer is in I at the moment. Fill this lakefront weeping willow into the heart, this small wet Xia Feng fills a heart in, fill this depressed blueness grave into the heart. Open heart door to introduce the water of the west lake that blue waves of this one pool ripples again, I know to cut the bottom of the heart that begins a west lake to will stay in me from now on.
Lakefront is having in twos and threes to lean in the bateau of the bank, carry sending tourist and west lake to make intimate contact. Sit in deciding a boat, boatman paddle Lu is small swing, bateau is carrying us to glide in the west lake. Because the boat is small, a cool breeze that swings layer upon layer dimple also can let a boat go up we feel rectify shake, more never mention it that not quite calm surface. Such shaking the cradle that let me remember a baby, maternal hand slightly rock is worn, waveringly, in the mouth hum move the ditty that lets a person enter Mian. Side side urges the singing that the person falls asleep without that of course now, be the same as boat person's dull noisy only. But the regret that the scenery before made up for me however. The water of the west lake looks very clean, because saw a few local enter the mixed and disorderly rubbish that ought not to belong to a west lake originally then,saying to look is really in the west lake, hope the person that such doing is not most, I do not know otherwise water of green jade of this one pool can be withheld when. Say to say to there is fragmentary isle on small lake area greatly, 3 pools reflect a month on an island of amid, regrettablly what we come is not moment, let us admire without moonlight, but the Lei Feng tower that looks at far, those who look at vicinity prey small fish, also feel the view here is good. Ramble on park regain boat, person of person of the same trade and boatman had some stick to one's position, it is a boatman so once the belt of promise we ramble the acceptance of 3 islands became the west lake to ramble west lake 3 pools, the boatman says is our mishear, we do not admit however after all the mouth of one person and the ear of 4 people whose reliability is high also need not argue. The boatman said additionally two islands to there also is not how old meaning in order to become the place that milliner tastes now. I do not know the boatman's word has the reliability of how many, but I am not very think additionally two isles occasionally far view is having more artistic concept than playing nearly instead. Our protest is invalid of course, bateau is carrying what we return sturdily to cross a head.
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