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China is the most beautiful 5 big lakes
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Qinghai lake [Qinghai]
China is the most beautiful 5 big lakes
Vast of Qinghai lake blue waves, pinion is like the Qinghai lake of the cloud, ancient say " on the west the sea " , be located in Qinghai to save southern part of firm examine county. Lake face altitude 3195 meters, the area is vast amount to 4583 square kilometer, a week that circle a lake makes an appointment with 360 kilometers in all, it is our country's biggest lagoon. There is Hai Xinshan in the lake, midsummer time is average air temperature only 15 degrees, for natural summer resort. Annual Chun Xia, the migrant of 100 thousand comes to know exactly about sth the islands such as 3 sea west hill, stone perchs, bird island gets a name consequently, now in order to label migrant groove guard.

Lake area fills lease of life, see ramble of yak, ox everywhere, yang Qun browses, form " wind blows grass low see flocks and herds " the prospect of idyllic type. Lake area has two great marvellous spectacle, it is fishing ground, it is bird island.

Green lake lake teems with Huang fish, it is a cornucopian natural fish farm. Civilian adage says: "Stone breaks, stick can be hit two, next hooks angle a string, hoisting jack of one net net " , it is to stretch one's hand really can get. According to investigation, quantity of fish of the Tibet in the lake has 40.2 billion tons, produce per year can amount to 4000 tons, basically be Huang fish, one big has those who heft 10 kilograms of above, naked carp of Huang fish formal name, grow fatly, fleshy flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich.

Lake face has 5 islands, the bird island of the richest glamour, face of tower above lake 10 meters, element has " bird is regnal " say, want to take the grand occasion that gets the better of this kingdom, had better be spring the journey goes at the beginning of end summer. This season, meeting bird people annual building " bird city " when, curassow birdie, male bird hen, all without exception is busy. Whenever the summer, have ten precious birds handsome bird comes this perch. See the bird nest of the packed closely layer up on layer on that island, outside and in nowhere is not jade white, of cyan, the bird egg of brown stain, wait for the place with be looked for good, hen bend over is in nest hatch, male bird is defended in follow closely aside.

If you are on the island a bit not careful alarmed bird, salvo of 10 thousand birds dash forward fly, in acoustical raise number, block day my day, be like,birds' droppings descends rain, be full of gout. Before winter comes, stay those who accompany the big lake with icebound a thousand li have swan, mallard and lark minority only a few kinds.

Lake division plant is a lot of more phyletic. Additionally complementary path is in famous Tang Bo ancient line and silk scene area keep a lot of historical culture relics. Life hill, because of,be 1300 Tang Wencheng's princess crosses this and get a name before New Year more.
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