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Spring outing periphery: The 4 big ground that admire a plum recommend Zhejiang
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The Spring Festival passes, weather clears, air temperature also slowly get warm again after a cold spell, cold the Hangzhou of one winter floats alive eventually rise, the citizen walks out of a door in succession, where to go to? This weekend, before the most place that go is afraid rank of this 3 place wants to lean: The Gu hill of edge of plum of sharp peak explore, west lake and Yuhang exceed hill. Right, explore plum became the good place that Yuanxiao around meets.

Invite a visitor somewhat regretful is, open rate still does not consider wintersweet high, blossom like arboretum rate is only 30% , gu hill is a few fewerer, still be less than 20% , exceed Shankaide to calculate much, also do not pass 40% . A lot of tourists are to one's heart's content and come, those who see still be petal mostly, but this not cloggy also everybody's lively mood, the wintersweet that lets leave first sings leading role, a batch of another batch person is before it take a photo as a souvenir, mirth mirrors the face in everybody to go up.
As we have learned, because of the climate reason this year, wintersweet left 20 days behindhand than last year. Most wintersweet still is in at present be in bud period. Want to see the most beautiful wintersweet, at least even when the first month of the lunar year after 15 festival of lanternses, around of International Working Women's Day should be wintersweet most when filling.

Yesterday, the reporter understood a situation with respect to a few main areas that admire a plum, the reader that admires a plum to want to go gives a strategy that admire a plum.

Spring outing periphery: The 4 big ground that admire a plum recommend Zhejiang (group plan)
Plum of sharp peak explore

These days Ling Feng's wintersweet leaves so that still do not calculate much, be compared and character, bai Mei leaves two days this morer than Gong Mei. The tourist yesterday compares open wintersweet even even much, some people shake shake one's head say, in former years wintersweet is early at that time bloomed, admire a plum to come early this year. Irrespective nevertheless, come out to play, the most important is the mood, combine a film with the wintersweet that had left, occupy first, quite happy also. What the reporter sees over plum of sharp peak explore is basic it is smiling face.

Here should remind everybody, go plum of sharp peak explore had better not drive illicit home car. Yesterday afternoon, the illicit home car that Qing Zhi as fortified building to because go,admire a plum is much and stemmed. The person inside is thought out, the person outside thinks, the result is blocked up in Qing Zhi to a fortified building namely everybody is moved. The bus to arboretum is quite actually much still quite convenient.

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