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West lake: The setting sun of snow of shovel? incomplete (graph)
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West lake: The setting sun of snow of shovel? incomplete (graph)
The west lake in having person snow is a west lake to watch the highest grade in scene. "Fine lake is inferior to pluvial lake, pluvial lake is inferior to nocturnal lake, nocturnal lake is inferior to lunar lake, lake of month of snow of lake criterion it would be better " .
Imagine, the heavy snow on the lake flies violently, lake water has coagulated right now the Jing Bo of deep lead color, lake face mist is confused free, wild goose of a Gu passes by lake water, far hill shows when the concealed when the heavy snow that cheats for nothing is medium, bateau of a few leaves waves on berth lake, lake bank jade cultivates silver-colored outfit, along the lake emerald green Hua Zao already was enclothed by Bai Xue, as if place oneself at an artistic conception in far-reaching Chinese splash-ink landscape painting, how find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind!

The tourist attraction that the west lake can admire snow is not little, the famousest is of course " break the bridge " , bridge side has carved stone of pen of drive of Qing Kangxi emperor " snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " 4 words. According to legend, old times breaks bridge top to go up fence gate having wood, whenever heavy snow passes hind, look down at from the lapidary hill around on the bridge, the one Duan Fang Buddha of intermediate paling door snapped one chunk, "Snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " one scene gets a name from this.

No matter be of Tang Dynasty " Qian Tang 10 scene " , still be Song Dai " face bring 24 view " , of clear perhaps generation " west lake 18 scene " , little not have the tourist attraction related to lake snow. "Hill of Xue Ji Gu searchs a plum " , " Ling Feng steps Xue Tanmei " , " Wang Xue of a pavilion in the middle of a lake " , " snow is admired on 6 bridges bank " , " lakefront surrounds furnace to listen to snow " wait for a character, also be place of past dynasties bookman take delight in talking about.

Break the bridge, be located in Bai Di today east upright. In west lake Gu Jin in bridge of a lot of size, her name is the biggest. Allegedly, be in early Tang Chao, break the bridge to already built, when person Zhang Hu " temple of hill of problem Hangzhou Gu " there is " to break bridge " in the poem one word.

The Hangzhou of Changjiang Delta, snow period is short, heavy snow nature is more peculiar. Once silver makeup element is wrapped, can build piece with constant when, the Xue Husheng that Chang Jingjiong differs like that besides. Snow of the incomplete that break the bridge has a few kinds of explanations, more general view is, every time the Chu Qing after snow, will come the westerly on the bridge, look at toward north, gu hill, ge Ling takes a high building to fluctuate, if spread jade of build by laying bricks or stones fining jade, glittering and translucent Lang Che, have a kind of elegant beauty. Somebody thinks, cease raining or snowing at the beginning of heavy snow, ascend lapidary hill to look down at southward, bai Di is pure white be like catenary. Sunrise shine upon, snow of area of the Xiang Riqiao that break the bridge melts show Brown bridge floor one mark, as if grow long white chain to come here interrupted, reason with name of " of " incomplete snow.
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