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The Li Yunsong of west lake new show
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The Li Yunsong of west lake new show

9 lis of cloud are loose

Tourist attraction name: 9 lis of cloud are loose
Tourist attraction brief introduction: In ancient time, hill of west lake north and south has one to each with verdant pine color gives priority to the green a covered corridor or walk of scene. In south of hill call 10 thousand pines mountain, in boreal hill is " 9 lis of Yun Song " , common weighs 9 lis of pines. Mound reachs 9 lis of loose current Hong Chunqiao 3 days of clever concealed, Zhu a paragraph of the highroad it is the west lake is the earliest by artificial and cultivated trade the tree is taken, careful " Wu Lin old job " account: "The Tang Dynasty Renjing of Yuan of feudal provincial or prefectural governor observes Hangzhou day, zhi Song at the left and right sides, each 3. " leave into the value yuan 13 years, fill Tang Shi period just about. These pine with the passing of time become a useful person, plant individual plant grows forcefully alley is emerald green, sodorous and gallant, attitude is grand, forefathers weighs them " Yin Airu cloud, sunlight wears leakage, be like jade of broken gold bits. Person travel meantime, the garment sleeves green. " pine is built scene, become distinguishing feature oneself, be labelled later Qian Tang one of 8 scene.
Why should Yuan Renjing be in those days to 3 days of clever concealed, Zhu " Buddha country is gotten the better of condition " pine tree is planted on this paragraph of highway, already cannot make clear now, but with respect to afore-mentioned its places special situation, "9 lis of Yun Song " the effect that green a covered corridor or walk had share of Buddha temple bellwether actually, it is the transition that goes up with the mood on an environment a flight of stairs, it is prelusive, rising to enter the Qing Dynasty, magical function that enters the most pleasant stage gradually by common. Swim nowadays clever concealed, 3 Zhu, walk to be arrived at via loosening by 9 lis, arrive directly with drive car, in careful the United States experiences going up is widely different. 9 lis of Song Zitang arrive Ming Dynasty metaphase, hundred years several maintain gigantic Song Chenglin all the time, the scene of stroke cloud my day, ming Dynasty often has Shi Zandao high: However, rise between 10 thousand past years axiomatically, the pine of 9 lis of Yun Song is less and less, loose scene go from bad to worse, arrive when the War of Resistance Against Japan, more danger by Japanese army fell trees. After 1962, those who pass worker of west lake gardens is arduous cradle, edge of a 20 meters wide, double-dealing all sorts of 10, the pine forest belt that pine of wet pine, Hei Song, torch waits for nearly 1000 individual plant gives next is in again 9 lis of Yun Song are ancient on the road, exhibited again " rain of eye of weather of black color total doubt, cold sound not differentiate Zhejiang is wet " powerful verdant scenery.
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