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Hangzhou wants collective " favour sb " 16 bridges
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Hangzhou city 16 bridge on the west, second half of the year will be collective this year by " favour sb " differ 0.11 meters to 0.65 meters, these 16 bridge carry after rising, height will achieve 4 meters of above, be helpful for prevent or control flood already, create a condition for be open to navigation or air traffic again.

Carry the consideration with litre of the mainest bridge is prevent or control flood. As we have learned, area of city Xi Jiyu is very large, when if encounter 24 hours of rainfall to amount to 200 millimeter above,especially big rainstorm makes a surprise attack, flood discharge is urgent affairs. And now the biggest difficult point of flood discharge is bridge span and clear height insufficient.
Bridge carries litre, also aid push Hangzhou to make " Oriental Venice " . Accept restriction of bridge clear height formerly, city on the west the wadi inside kilometer of nearly 20 square cannot be open to navigation or air traffic. Bridge carries after rising, the city is harbor of the Home Feng harbor on the west, beneficial happy river, lotus, violet the land of country of golden harbor, Jiang village harbor, edge (include Yu Hangtang river) the wadi of nearly 20 kilometers can regard course of development of be open to navigation or air traffic as travel product development. After this project is finished, the tourist can reach Xi Xi wet ground via Yu Hangtang river by ship by the canal not only, still can have a good swim city on the west a network of waterways, admire landscape of along the line.

As we have learned, 16 bridge carry litre of job general in September before the bottom basic and finishing.

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