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West lake crazy dream
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Chinese bookman has some of west lake complex more or less, the badge business nature of mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture is not exceptional also.

Just, they to the scenery play, unlike common language person, good view, they always want to molopolize or buy, can regard as even the gift sends a person, all these results from them to have money too too. If say badge businessman is wealthy but enemy state, that can not be exaggerated view. The capital of trade of salt of clear acting Yangzhou, estimation is seventy-seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine, the treasury of this and Qianlong puts silver seventy-seven million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine roughly equal, because this connects Qianlong emperor to also be given out " Fu Zai business, I not as good as also " plaint. The badge trade in those days is huge merchant, "Rich with ten million plan " , "1 million the following person, the Xiaoshang that all calls " , have so tremendous money, make the Wen Shihuan of small business thinks or dream wildly, also become impossible possibility accordingly.
For example has unofficial history account, the wife with fair stone of bark of tycoon of trade of badge book salt " bark madam " , come in Qianlong a few months before Yangzhou, with saline trade " choose moorland hundreds mus, the west lake scenery of copy Hangzhou, build a pavilion or house on a terrace of booth stage garden, see in order to offer drive " , and Yangzhou is touched in Qianlong before today, bark the madam sees a pavilion or house on a terrace of booth stage garden by pool of little still one party, then " give several gold alone, nocturnal volume craftsman, drive one party of the pool that build celestial being, the pool is become and drive the next day to, gao Zong (namely Qianlong) great admiration " . At all times and in all over the world, can send the emperor the view when the gift, also probably only badge business has such capital and breadth of spirit. Natural, not be each badge business so can ostentatious, can remove the view at will move imitated, nevertheless, they still have another kind of choice. Bank of north of for example inhaling county has the businessman of the surname, one's early years opens pawnshop in Hangzhou, garden putting in reason 's charge is returned when old age. Because entangle the dream is conceived when west lake clever scene, so specially sent project of a painting to head for on-the-spot paint from life, next drawing from nature again copy sculpture is in oneself ancestral temple (hall of appraise human relations) on stone column, will in order to offer him be admired slowly.

Still have badge business flat move west lake beautiful scenery come home come. Tang Mo's Tan Ganyuan is fresh paradigmatic. According to legend, the Tang Mo at the beginning of Qing Dynasty has the rich trade that a surname makes, he is taken in another name for Jiangxi Province of Su Zhe Anhui manage 36 Pan pawnshop, 36 allusion say when. Its mother yearns Hangzhou west lake is visited, tall great distance of suffer from hill, aged body declines inconvenience embarks on a journey, then this dutiful son nots hesitate gigantic endowment pond base dam is dug in village edge, scene of imitate west lake, build wells balanced stage pavilion, waterside pavilion grows the bridge, lake bank alls over Zhi Bihe violet punishment, offer mother entertainment, return the favour that countryside adjacent photograph aids. The businessman that makes a last name feels not to return satisfy a craving, cite the classics, take " The Book of Songs " " Tan Xi of bank bank cut down, the Gan Xi of the river of buy " meaning, establish wingceltis flower is alled over inside garden, leave a creek again slowly circle stream, name for the garden " Tan Ganyuan " .
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