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Anecdote of Hangzhou west lake: Raise a chicken to fine 98 yuan more
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Villager of the village in west lake scene raises a chicken more, punish 98 yuan more; West lake edge angles secretly, steal 1 kilogram of fish more, punish 300 yuan more; Change the meadow into cement ground, place tea desk deal, destroy greenbelt of 1 square metre more, punish 45 yuan more...

" scenery of < Hangzhou west lake scenic spot area regulation > administrative amerce cuts a quantity into parts to counterpoise freely applicable regulation " begin to carry out from December. Inside countrywide limits, initiate of area of west lake scene fines formula.
Basis " scenery of Hangzhou west lake scenic spot area regulation " set the 27th times with the 54th, beauty spot prohibits raising rasorial cattle, if violate a part,20 yuan fine to 1000 yuan, and cut the formula that measure power into parts according to new freedom, lowermost forehead freedom cuts measurement × into parts (rasorial amount / 10) = should fine amount. Raise 5 chicken, namely 20 yuan (1000-20 yuan) × 5 / 10 =510 yuan.

As we have learned, be in " regular " in, to violating compasses, fishing, hunt, destroy building of afforest, violate the rules and regulations, do sth without authorization to install scenery of advertisement, score, burn deciduous leaf is waited a moment established detailed fine formulary.

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