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The beauty of west lake bridge is fabulous
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West lake Li Shanxiu water, wind,flowers,snow and moon, it is the success that fall in love namely since ancient times, as associated as photograph of lingering literary or artistic pursuits bridge but adduce is in more.
For example breaks the bridge, of 4 big classic legend of our country " white snake is passed " in, xu Xian and white snake empress or imperial concubine of the first rank are acquainted here, answer a city with the boat; Meet again meets unexpectedly here again after, become reconciled, deduce " break the bridge to encounter " this highlights from operas that a lot of type of drama regard repertoire as.
Be like Xi Ling bridge again, ancient say " Su Xiaoxiao writtens guarantee homocentric place " . Su Xiaoxiao of prostitute of song of the Southern Qi Dynasty of according to legend, fu Caihua, quite self-prossessed, take car go on a tour, gloomy of young talent Ruan is encountered on Bai Di, two people see admire. Su Xiaoxiao mouth occupies cloud of a special skill: "Concubine takes oily wall car, man crosses green Cong horse. Where knot is homocentric, xi Ling (namely Xi Ling) below Song Bai. " by force of one's life experience of the current situation, su Xiaoxiao eventually difficult as good as Jin Zhi of the Qin Dynasty of Ruan Yu Xie, accumulate care to become pain, the bury after ill die bank of Yu Xiling bridge, grave booth cries " Mu Caiting " . Be like long bridge again, in the past the bridge grows 100 paces, for one of wonderful scenery on the lake of be worthy of the name. Here has produced tragedy of one picket die for love when the Southern Song Dynasty: Young woman Tao Shier and student king propaganda and education love each other, her hind mother foment dissension inscrupulously obstruct. Contented, king takes a ship noctivagant west lake, in the depth of the lotus below long bridge in pairs casts water to be fought in order to die, all without exception that Hangzhou person hears sobs, somebody makes ballad lamentation, long bridge from now on renown " double cast the bridge " .
Circulating up to now in the west lake ancient folk songs with love as their main theme of love subject matter, having is with Su Di the 4th bridge controls a bank those who compare promote since the bridge: "Fragrant grass of head of cogongrass home port is smooth, shadow of the 4th bridge that control a bank is horizontal. The flying outside the bridge is like Lang Yi, bridge edge deep water seems you sentiment. " bridge of bank of old times pressing connects Mao Jiabu, the bridge enters the water extremely deep, the willow on bank of bridge both ends is shady. Have the ancient folk songs with love as their main theme with simple deep idea of this one language, the bridge that control a bank can inspect a west lake oneself another " lover bridge " .
Month of the predestined relationship austral west lake beauty spot annulus the foot of a mountain arrives 2 bibcock the foot of a mountain, it is to become year of Hua Dong one of 4 famous church universities river university seat, it is Zhejiang university branch today, common says short for Zhejiang Province is big 3 branch. 1916, after the river university president that the little brother Situ Hualin that Si Tulei ascends assumes, give orders to be inside school head bibcock and 2 bibcock the erect on the mountain stream between two hill a Mu Qiao passes through with convenience teachers and students. All round this bridge forest green colourful, the spring below the bridge whimperings, chan Chan infuse barks in pool of green jade depth of water. Shadow of daytime flyer cloud, have diarrhoea of month of at nightfall star brightness, very quiet and tastefully laid out and delightful, be chosen by student of first awakening of love young men and women " after the person makes an appointment with dusk " place to go of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, the teachers with lighter discipline of in successive years also now and then head for, have then " lover bridge " good name.
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