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White garrulous flying go for a walk in the country in spring returns the face b
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"The big willow on Su Di begins to wave catkin, very good-looking like snowflake! " Su Di with " willow of one individual plant peach of one individual plant " view is well-known, 34 annual months, the peach blossom that white catkin is reflecting brilliant red waves dance, evil spirit it is beautiful. Although the scenery is beautiful, but for sensitive to a few skins person, this season wants have a hard time a bit, catkin can cause Sao of erythema, skin to itch, can cause the symptom such as asthma even, and beautiful peach blossom is likely also " hide kill machine " , meet not carefully on " peach blossom tinea " , do so that spend greatly all over the face.

"Catkin is a willow flower actually, by countless floret composition. " Cheng division says the Sun Gong of division of management of conserve of control stand of Hangzhou city afforest, willow cent is male individual plant and female individual plant, the flower of female flower is wrapped piece on overgrow petty wool, be these petty wool, can make a lot of people feel crawly, some returns Sao of meeting occurrence skin urticant, erythema, sneeze, snorty, cough is asthmatic even wait for hypersensitive shape.
The patient that went to a hospital treating skin disease recently is very much also, many it is go for a walk in the country in spring come back of sicken. Tao Chengjun of director of dermatological department of courtyard of city traditional Chinese medical science says, recently " peach blossom tinea " the patient is at ordinary times double. "Peach blossom tinea " the common disease that is spring outpatient service, what at spring as a result of good hair peach blossom blooms is seasonal, and facial erythema shape is like peach blossom, say so for " peach blossom tinea " . "Peach blossom tinea " often break out repeatedly, the symptom is heavier person can make treatment of cold in season to the hospital.

To the person of allergic constitution, besides reducing the place such as greenbelt, park as far as possible, extreme weather is encountered to also want to be careful when going out. On April 3 towards evening, gully of horse of Jin Hualan brook presses down the pollen rain that once issued a yellow. Atmosphere expert expresses, spring is the season with changeful weather, my province often produces strong convection weather again, 100 blossomy moment, if strong convection weather comes, the pollen that fly upwards and precipitation mix together, meet now and then occurrence pollen rain.

The expert reminds, the person that has allergy history has pollen allergy especially, the near future goes out when amuse oneself, but beforehand profess to convinced fights allergic medicaments, around sunshine is the strongest midday, of pollen release a quantity most, in this one period of time, easy allergy person had better not go out. To certain and foregone allergen, once fish, want to transfer surroundings instantly.

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