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How much does the west lake know
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China has how many lake that is called a west lake, very it's hard to say reachs exact number. Somebody has made count, have seventeen about, even some more perhaps. Every size city, want the person that the city has a water on the west only, all without exception with west lake name. Add into a word only, be like Xi Lihu, xi Linhu, the lake falls on the west, or thin west lake, do a west lake to have everywhere then, the degree of differentiate of Mo Neng of true and false. And this also makes clear, in the Chinese's memory, west lake scene is inspected normally the place of cooperate. Form a such views, it is the effect that suffers Hangzhou west lake greatly. No matter have how many west lake, hangzhou west lake is the coronal in the lake forever. But this one the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, why be the champion, be famous in do not decline 100000? Greatly of profit from bookman advertise. Close person gloomy amounts to husband gentleman to have a verse: "Country also wants bookman to hold in both hands " , be this meaning probably.
Since Tang Song, have how many poet after all, wrote the poem of west lake of how many Hangzhou, if be summarized, that amount comparatives certainly breathtaking. But among them, the most outstanding, the famousest, acting Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty of nothing is more... than. The name that he keeps a west lake piece " on drink lake, the rain after Chu Qing " , "Water light billows fine square good, rain of hill color empty  also surprises. Be about to compare the west lake on the west child, weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate. " mere 28 words, decide the west lake forever in the state that case reachs the beauty in this kind. Want to carry a west lake only, inevitable meeting thinks of these a few poems. The name that this and he keeps cottage hill piece " inscribe Xi Linbi " same: "The horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak, discretion of far and near differs each. Do not know a the truth of sth. , it is along the body only in this hill. " also be 28 words, also achieved similar artistic result, you Lushan person, have a bit culture a bit, there can be this verse inside the heart. So, go on Su Di of Hangzhou west lake, of delight in scenery, weak makeup thick wipe sentence, can go out from the spontaneously in the heart.
The west lake of Hangzhou, with Su Dongpo the name of this Great Master, connect closely, is knowing the west lake makes Su Shi name hangs down all ages? Be still Su Shi makes west lake more scene? It is difficult reason really. More knowing is west lake and he has a reason, still be he and west lake have a reason, every the city county that he gives be an official to pass, have a west lake, besides the Hangzhou west lake of this famous. The west lake of Guangdong benefit city, the west lake of Anhui Ying city, it is the place that Su Dongpo sheds to had gone there and back repeatedly. Accordingly, cloud of the ancients poem: "Slope is the west lake grows formerly east " , be this gives standard work of scholarship. Zhong Lingyu's beautiful perhaps the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, gave a poet inspiration, keep famous poem name sentence; Perhaps an excellent work as a result of win universal praise, and make this greens jade the green water green hill of 10 thousand just, come apart with those little known west lake areas, and renown Wen Xia nears. Then, the west lake of Great Master the wording and purpose of what one writes, make tourist heart yearning place to go. This is landscape with bookman name, the Chinese culture trait that bookman retains with landscape. Who comes to these west lakes, can incorrect this China literature history the everybody that go up Where is great master be filled with deep esteem?
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