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Break the origin of the bridge
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The west lake breaks the bridge, call Duan Jiaqiao the earliest.
Before early, west lake white Sha Di, from Gu hill Wan winding Yan arrives here, have an anonymous small Mu Qiao only, be linked together closely with lake bank. Tourist should go to Gu hill amuse oneself, want to pass this small Mu Qiao, insolation drench, bridge board often should rot, tourist is very disadvantageous.
There is a pallet thatched cottage by the bridge, living, to the surname paragraph couple. Ground of two popular feeling is kind-hearted, diligent of hands or feet, male fish in the lake make a living, female a wine vendor's stand is placed in the doorway, sell a wine earthy wine. Because of wine flavour not beautiful, the customer comes rarely, the business is delicate. A day, sunset west hill, couple two just should close, came a dressed in rage white hair old person, saying is to come from afar, impecunious, requirement stay, night. Duan Jiafu Fu sees he is aged and pitiful, leave him enthusiasticly to live, still burned to just caught the carp that come from the west lake, hit on one bowl of home to make earthy wine, xenial old person. The old person is rude also, in succession drink 3 bowls big, fall on the bed, breathe out breathe out fall asleep.
The following day old person of morning white hair just before parting when, say: "Thank you to feast kindly, there is yeast for brewing rice wine or fermenting glutinous rice here 3, can help your wine get good wine. " say, take out the yeast for brewing rice wine or fermenting glutinous rice of 3 Gong Gong, leave and go.
Duan Jiafu Fu puts 3 yeast for brewing rice wine or fermenting glutinous rice of the old person in brew crock, make the wine that come out, color blood red, sweet alcohol is clinking, aroma raids a person. From now on, every day the client is filled with the door, paragraph Hangzhou of raise of name of domestic blood-red wine, the business compares a day one day flourishing. Duan Jiafu Fu tore open a thatched cottage, the lid had wine shop. They to thank white hair old person, saved brushstroke money, preparation acknowledges well him.
Years passes, flash 3 years. This year winter, west lake heavy snow, white hair old person risks snow to come to paragraph of home wine shop. Couple two see benefactor comes, be overjoyed, leave an old person to grow his home. However the old person should leave the following day. Just before parting when, duan Jiafu Fu takes out 302 silver to give an old person. The old person is laughing to decline say: "Thank your couple, piece kindly, I this is alone old person, want so much money why to be used? You still are used in the most important place! " say, step snow to go to little bridge. Duan Jiafu Fu stands in doorway photograph to send, see the old person just was crossed only on small Mu Qiao, the foot issues glance, bridge board is broken, the old person also drops into the lake. Couple two run to be saved hastily, see white hair old person establishs Yu Hu range suddenly, if walk on flat, smiling to wave to their brandish, float to go however.
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