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Past dynasties celebrity chants a west lake
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Thunder peak afterglow

Yin Ting is tall (1290 around)

Lubricious Danming of smoke smooth hill is unconscious,
Stand upright of figure of 1000 feet surplus leans empty.
Boat of the picture on the lake returns be about to use up,
Gu peak still takes the setting sun red.

Author brief introduction: Yin Ting is tall (1290 around) , word Zhong Ming, date 6 peaks, satisfy prosperous (belong to Zhejiang today) person. Song Weimin.

Clever concealed

Landscape is much stranger footprint, 2 gully spring Cong one clever vulture;
Heaven and earth is changed without wither, 100 just west lake 10 lis of sources.

[Annotate] : The cento in Huangwen. Li Bai " send an a Buddhist monk to return static temple of Na Ling concealed " : "I hear concealed static temple, landscape is much stranger footprint. " Su Shi " before Wen Linfu makes clever hidden from view when play of make one's home in of temple of clever concealed of move from one place to another one " : "Before clever concealed, after Tian Zhu, two gully spring Cong one clever vulture. " Li Bai " go to wine " : "Heaven and earth is changed without wither, appearance has change to change. " Su Zhe " the last of the ten Heavenly Stems is ugly will weigh you in Feburary Yin Jizi look up 2 " : "100 just west lake 10 lis of sources, take according to inner and outer city walls nearly plain former. Take according to inner and outer city walls nearly plain former..

Spring from when cold case?
Does the peak fly from where?

[Annotate] : Dong Jichang is written. Dong Jichang (1555-1636 of the Christian era year) the word is black slaughter, date thinks of white, sweet smooth lay Buddhist, hua Ting (today Shanghai Song Jiang) person. The official resides a high official in ancient China of Nanjing the Ministry of Rites in feudal China, wen Min of the Shi after soldier. Arrogate to oneself draws landscape, imitate Dong Yuan, gigantic like that, Zan of Huang Gongwang, Ni, writing is comely, draw wind elegance, the Gao Gu that enrage charm, artistic conception meaningfuls, for " Hua Ting draws a clique " cacique.

[] introduces related: Quiet government time, on the female Leng Quanting of the west lake, hang have a couplet: Spring Leng Qifeng flies from where from when Lai Wuchen in September, qingchao's famous bookman Yu Yue and his wife arrives fly the peak plays downstream, sit in cold spring to well balanced the edge rests, admire this couplet. The wife looked a little while, ask Yu Yue undertakes explanatory. Yu Yue changed original couplet two words, as the answer: Spring from sometimes Leng Qifeng flies from nowhere the wife is disrelished change badly, demonstrate oneself view instantly: Spring from cold when Leng Qifeng flies from flying place the word that Lai Yuyue alters oneself and wife was made quite, think " cold " , " fly " 2 words are compared " have " , " without " accurate have a mind. Passed a few days, yu Yue is taking female beautiful Sun Youlai to arrive by the side of Leng Quanting. He explains how to give couplet this word belong to the same organization last to show grandson, show grandson is looking at kiosk rapidly, brooded very big a little while, say slowly: The spring removes a peak from Yu Shileng from be in flying Lai Yuyue all along ability power is preterhuman. He understands the first line of a couplet on a scroll is medium " a few " word instead " the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " word, that is to point to big Yu Zhishui, careful deliberate, change attractively. As to that " why " why should the word change " " word, his lane is not clear, be forced to ask a reason to beautiful Sun Zhui. Show grandson says bright and clearly: "Xiang Yu ever had a song to say: ' force unplugs Shan Xi enrages matchless ' , this perilous peak is not him from uproot somewhere else, can you fly to here to come how? " show grandson one's voice in speech just fell, yu Yue busy clap has said fast, had again and again.
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