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West lake dream
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Author: Yu Qiuyu

The article of the west lake is done too much really, the philtrum that do ace of much past dynasties, redo goes down to also feel even oneself foolish. But
Yes, although avoid via be being violated for many times, final in written form trembles, still wrote down this extremely vulgar title. Perhaps be this barks lake water is enmeshed
Move the meaning of sex of some kind of end, I do not avoid it.

The west lake is known first, getting on inferior to fold fan. An elder area that has reached Hangzhou comes to that to country. Imprinting on folding fan
A west lake visits a figure, with nowadays common excursion pursues different, there are all sorts of views clearly above that, with respect to stereo like standard
Model. The quiet and tastefully laid out name of all sorts of scene indicates one by one in the graph, override the total caption of picture is " terrestrial heaven " . Country children is very few
Drawing can look, gaze at every day then, unexpectedly know sth thoroughly at the heart. Old later arrived really west lake, if swim old haunt, ground of ripe door familiar route steps
Visitting a dated dream.

Ming Daizheng heart year a Japan makes I swim a such poems had written after the west lake:

In former years ever saw this lake pursues, do not believe the world to have this lake. Hit now pass from the lake, painting project still owes take time and energy.

Be opposite it is thus clear that for a lot of tourists, west lake even if is swim first, also have the taste that old dream reviews. This became Chinese culture simply in
A constant intention is resembled, caress China culture one long, mind can have this lake.

Strange is, this lake swims again more, also cannot be in the heart clear rise. Too black colourful good luck, can produce a kind
Scanty from, cannot have the society of sex of the daily life of a family with it. Food of the daily life of a family of no less than is unfavorable at ostentation and extravagance, the wet nurse that can let children lean close to is unfavorable at
Fill makeup, west lake ostentation and extravagance is too big, adorn too essence of life, call a person how to be stationed in for a long time hard. Generally the scenery is superexcellent place is unfavorable settle down, person and beauty
relation, it is such unexpectedly odd.

The west lake gives a person with scanty from feeling, still have fasten one reason. It becomes famous premature, vestigial too close, fame and position is overweight, landscape booth is abandoned with all previous
History embroil is overmuch, result, became a symbolistic matter the elephant is very stiff large place. It is OK to visit, press close to goes however rather eat
Force. Experience to cast off this to plant, have a year of summer, I jump in lake water to swim, alone height swam to grow grow one Cheng, be with it
Had those who touch skin is close. Lake water is not cool, lake bottom is not deep also, ground of cloth with soft nap of soft however cloth with soft nap cannot to step on foot, remind people here has chiliad
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