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Beautiful scenery of Hangzhou of west lake beauty
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Hangzhou autumn scenery
"Changjiang Delta is recalled, most recalling is Hangzhou. " the Bai Juyi that has become feudal provincial or prefectural governor in Hangzhou is in left to write down such line after Hangzhou is old. One's early years of body defect clique contend for, the Bai Letian of twist of lifetime official career strikings in Hangzhou achievement in one's post, hangzhou person yearning still is after chiliad, that over the west lake and not be the white Sha Di that he builds, also do not know from when to rise to be called " Bai Di " , the people that roams at lakefront says that is the bank that white public place builds, and this poem of Bai Juyi, also became the advertisement word that Hangzhou travels.   
Hangzhou is easy to white house for, not be a place that achieves individual politics ambition merely. Hold office at court is medium at that time " all day much care watchful " hold the post of outside his for escape clique conflict with request, come to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the place that other of do away with gives birth to trouble really, be in Hangzhou it is wine of his prostitute happy poem, good to run room Buddha, what forgot official career gradually is dangerous, "Who knows fame and gain to use up, without answer Chang'an heart " .
Live this paragraph of life that is in Hangzhou easily in vain, for a lot of person praise highly, also denounce for a lot of people. Praise highly person Xian Jixiao asperses take things philosophically, the person that denounce opens up its escapism, ego is anaesthetic. And both rises its and Hangzhou connection, hangzhou gets from now on " red pink heart is long, be discouraged of section a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " renown, delay to now, she also is chosen to be by the network " China's Nanciest city " .
 of  of west lake beauty
Another bank on the west lake -- Su Di, it is big literary giant of Northen Song Dynasty Su Dongpo allows to go up in Hangzhou be repaired. Of Su Dongpo " the rain after the Chu Qing on drink lake " can saying is the first poem that depicts a west lake:
Light of   water billows fine square good,
Color of   hill cheats rain to also surprise for nothing.
  is about to compare the west lake on the west child,
  is weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate.
Do west lake comparing from Su Dongpo on the west child begin, the west lake had implication with woman's charms, female disaster water is west lake and even Hangzhou the figure in major history. Xi Shi is heroine for the country more to, to Wu Wangfu difference is however " disaster " . To Le Hushan of delay of official of gentleman of the Southern Song Dynasty, come eventually a conquered nation, more make the west lake is gotten nearly accusation of through the ages. Bright Qing Dynasty during, adage having common compares the west lake cooperate person, anchoret of Hunan lake assimilate to, immortal of assimilate to of lake of ancient bronze mirror. And Zhang Dai objects however, in its " west lake dream is searched " in one book, he says he feels laic to ramble west lake, no more than is to come lively, noisy fools, affectionate momently, that's what it all adds up to! And is the west lake the truest does beautiful face where after all? He feels the Qiu Dongyuan on the lake gets the better of Chun Xia, lunar evening is far face success a flower, pluvial snow far Sheng Qingming. Namely now that common adage: "Fine lake is inferior to pluvial lake, pluvial lake is inferior to mist lake, mist lake is inferior to Xue Hu. " 
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