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West lake the origin of 10 scene
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Rehabilitate of thunder peak tower, and build in former address, build by the size of former tower and height. Such, "West lake 10 scene " even if all ready.

"West lake 10 scene " result when? This still must speak of from Tang Song period. The west lake of Tang Dynasty, very famous already. A lot of poems that describe west lake beautiful scenery had been written when Bai Juyi holds the post of Hangzhou feudal provincial or prefectural governor, when him the Ceng Liu when leave one's post leaves moving line: "... fail to be cast Hangzhou goes, half stop over is this lake. " (" spring on problem lake " ) arrived Song Dai, su Shi is during Hangzhou Ren Zhizhou, not only made dredge to the west lake, build Su Di, and the poem that also writes down a lot of description west lakes. "Water light billows fine square good, hill color cheats rain to also surprise for nothing. Be about to compare the west lake on the west child, weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate. " (" the rain after the Chu Qing on drink lake " ) till Northen Song Dynasty, still do not have " west lake 10 scene " say.
"West lake 10 scene " the Southern Song Dynasty of the earliest result. Found a capital of the Southern Song Dynasty is faced how (namely Hangzhou) , at that time bookman of VIPs, bachelor, xin of all without exception admires a west lake. People play Youyi is happy, flow to roam between beautiful lake hill repeatedly, the west lake was become " the boiler that sell gold " . "After Na Du, bank bridge becomes city, of clump of singing and dancing, trot along on horseback yacht, until dawn does not cease. " (Tian Rucheng " the west lake visits annals " ) be in right now, view and admire for You Le (especially painter) , have then " west lake 10 scene " say. This 10 scene see the earliest at Zhu Mu of bookman of the Southern Song Dynasty " Fang Yusheng sees " : "Close person the person that the artists says picture of lake hill the four seasons is the oddest has 10, say: Snow of the wind of carry on one's shoulder of courtyard of dawn of Su Di spring, music, Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake, incomplete that break the bridge, Liu Lang hears warbler, beautiful harbor to watch the glow of the setting sun of peak of fish, thunder, two peaks to insert curfew of the cloud, Na Bing, west lake 3 towers.

The make one's rounds austral Kang Xi's emperor goes to Hangzhou later, problem " west lake 10 scene " , will " wind of music courtyard carry on one's shoulder " instead " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " , will " Na Bing curfew " instead " Na Bingxiao bell " , say " night enrages Fang Qing, all is quiet, ding rises suddenly, ring the sky, send sufficient thought-provoking also. " but successors still call it " Na Bing curfew " . He will " Lei Feng the glow of the setting sun " instead " Lei Feng is illuminated on the west " , but people cries later " Lei Feng afterglow " . As to " west lake 3 towers " , according to legend is the Southern Song Dynasty famous artist Ma Yuan, think here wave is smooth Tan Ying, scenery beauty, say so for " 3 Tan Yinyue " , this all the time continue to use arrives now.
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