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Meal of scene area characteristic
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Scene area meal:
The most reasonable swim Cheng Yingan platoon uses Chinese food inside scene area, the restaurant that can supply Chinese meal to serve has: Mountain villa of garden of wineshop of door of spring dining-room, sword, peach, big gorge mountain villa, make an appointment wine shop of big public house, white cloud. These restaurant are centered in big gorge town. Chinese meal is used to be able to sample to many game and characteristic dish in big gorge, basically have:
1 prosperous spends 3 rock: Grouper, partridge and Shi Er;
2, game: Have hare, boar, pheasant, teal;
3, the high mountain is vegetable: The free from contamination that altitude grows on the high mountain of 500 meters of above is vegetable;
4, prosperous changes bean curd: Have the bean products of craft of full-bodied place characteristic, special treatment;
5, souse dish: Bloat cucumber, bloat cowpea.

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