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Hangzhou, go eating along the footmark of celebrity
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Hu Xueyan and medicinal food house
"East wind a crepuscular rain, when becoming aware to flourishing dream again. When becoming aware to flourishing dream again..
Celebrate more than completion why from 1874, to 1885 Hu Xueyan goes bankrupt let go return on the west, 10 years short nevertheless, sky of both hands of person of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad magnifico is empty and come, sky is empty and go, to nowadays already twinking hundred years, it is a certain number of fokelore, the objective of old ground, hold together is worn the legend of lifetime of person of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad magnifico, among them,
What is gorgeous temporarily? What is economize to avoid running short? Is alone ill disease crooked crooked person can you just think of medicinal food house? To celebrate house of more than medicinal food to eat a bit, drink a bit, it may be said is kind to his nostrum. Need not jade of garment of cliff bright and beautiful feeds colourful Xian Huxue, jin Wanyin chopsticks, person, 7 feet tiny human body, want to enter medicinal food house only, want dried vegetable of on one dish of gold foil to buckle the flesh, can be hungry of disappear greedy solution, carefree temporarily. Scrutiny on that pitch-black and sleek dried vegetable ablaze gold foil, break gold is nodded, absentminded call a person to remember that to moustache celebrates Yu Tang the name is " medical bureau " plaque of black base gold. This gold foil has the effect of the be sensible that press down Jing, can be at ease eat below. Treasures full hall, yu Shi is flourishing, and gold can help a patient at extreme misery. According to legend, silver of boiler of gold of Hu Qingyu hall is shovelled, gold was cost when forge in those days 39, silver 4 jins. This is to make rare " bureau Fangzi Jin Dan " , give orders personally by Hu Xueyan, not hesitate principal, the golden silversmith with highest social status of call together Hangzhou is designed of forge. Benevolence person desire for love, to now dot of house of melt into medicinal food nods gold foil, fu on pitch-black dried vegetable, be just as spring deep Yu Hui, glisten. Have silk of a fleeciness potato additionally, blast of the boiler that enter oil gets crisp pine golden, filar silk continuously, twine each other, below fine Wen Zhi, however share joins flavour. Chew, it is a faint fragrance of American ginseng so, coolish, sweet toot, quite pleasant. Medicinal food medicinal food, who can be sought really in medicinal food house treat a disease effective prescription? They just come here to comprehend " medicine is fed with the source " essence, recognize " medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill " truth.
   The building outside Lu Xun and building
Lu Xun gentleman appears all along veileds criticism a bit to Hangzhou, reason really is more. 1928 July, xu Anping of madam of Lu Xun in the company of, taking the train cheerfully however, came to Hangzhou.
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