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Hangzhou meal guideline
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Civilian it is a day in order to feed, when you full after the natural beauty of lakes and mountains that saw west lake beauty, the branch that will taste Zhejiang dish to fasten again -- Hangzhou dish, can make you experience what differ to additionally one kind to enjoy more.

Kui yuan house
Address: Hangzhou liberates a road 124
Business hours: In the morning 6:30- evening 9:00
Naturally of hundred years old store has the energy of life of magnificent Wang Zhe, "King of Changjiang Delta face " praise also has said the truth. Ground floor is 3 yuan of hall that common deadbeat collects, by two large post, seat density has send. Circling hang down from attic on the big lantern abduct that hang 2 buildings, right is grand carry hall, left " riches and honour " , " lucky " , " pass an imperial examination " balcony besides demand a buccal variety for the client, also welcomed the refined scholar famous person of the generation of master of commonplace of such as gold. Hang on the wall or embedded paper-cut for window decoration is allegedly collect the cultural relic that come up from countryside, not by let a person weigh in the hand weigh in the hand among them culture details.
Fascia recommends:
Hai Sibao: Well-known shrimp explodes Shan face need not say oneself, new the Hai Sibao that roll out also lets person covet 3 feet. Of Hai Sibao advocate expecting is cuttlefish, holothurian, bright shellfish, shrimp wait.
Red oily eight treasures: Of red oily eight treasures advocate expecting is shelled fresh shrimps, scalloped pork or lamb kidneys, tenderloin, abdomen piece, the sea that helps noodle shop rather sends gust, just be like ancient Shu Xinzhi.

Old immortal noodle shop
Address: Hangzhou city phoenix have a way 380
Characteristic: Immortal blessing noodles eaten on one's birthday
Do business: 11:00-21: 30
The old immortal noodle shop of practice was located in now 1996 phoenix have a way 380 (on national capital apartment) , indoor use archaize of style of Changjiang Delta folk to decorate. Basically run the old immortal noodle that has distinctive local color and country dish of Shan Ye gust, be in especially of noodle make and on cooking, accomplish do not provide craftsmanship, flavour is very good and price moderate, it is the good place that close friends party, old person is fond of He Fushou.

Old noodles in soup of 9 hundred bowl
Address: Hangzhou city benevolence with the road 80
Characteristic: Old noodles in soup of 9 hundred bowl
Do business: 6:30-23: 30
The ancients cloud: "Rice can be raised lienal, the face can fill heart " , the master of old noodles in soup of 9 hundred bowl, in the tradition " medical chess face " the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh on the foundation, choose entrance flour in the round, change the simple technology with water knead dough, draw lessons from the method of Yi Bingshou of Qianlong a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, use knead dough of entire egg fluid, increase the extensibility of noodle, flexibility greatly. [Old noodles in soup of 9 hundred bowl] those who make soup demand is severe, go even farther than of compared ancient magic art, the makings that enters boiling water is chosen entirely " steam goods " , resemble anything but snack uses freezing money in that way on the west, slow fire is stewed burn more than 20 hours, more with tasty of vegetable of the four seasons, melon and fruit, accomplish truly comprehensive nutrition, mellow and not be bored with. "A mind which perceives both past and future knowledge flower " old noodles in soup of 9 hundred bowl.
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