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Face bring characteristic restaurant
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House of Man Yuanchun wild fish:
Address: ?2 of whetstone of Mou colour Ke number
Phone: 0571, 63752279
Northeast boiled dumpling;
Address: Face bring way of river of city bright and beautiful 108 date A
Phone: 0571, 63721037
Address: Face An Yijin street 448 (country trade dining-room)
Square garden a building (more China dining-room)
Phone: 0571, 63961252 63961517
Aureate sunshine wine shop:
Address: Face install city bright and beautiful Jiang Lu 10
Phone: 0571, 63715778
Inner Mongolia wild kid:
Address: Face install city is new first floor of apartment of civilian market electric power
Phone: 0571, 63961252
Face house of the flavour that install wind:
Address: Face the Yi Jinjie that bring city 358 date
Phone: 0571, 63728025
Liu Jiaxiang hot house:
Address: Face the market in the city that bring city (people square on the west side)
Phone: 0571, 63965777
Resemble hill seafood building:
Address: Face road of eye of the weather that bring city 228 date
Phone: 0571, 63920177

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