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Hangzhou characteristic dish
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One, staple food
Hangzhou is " an abundant place " . Primitive first civilian eat Gu Mi consuetudinary history is ages ago. The Southern Song Dynasty, hangzhou population is added suddenly, cereal rice spending is bigger. At that time, north closes outside already formed rice city, spread all over shop of meter of travel, rice. " dream fine grain records " carry: Daily downtown streets feeds rice, city inside and outside does not issue just a little more than 1000 stone, the shop home that all wants. Other people of general hardworking and thrifty, be used to eat early Xian, common says " pointed rice " , the rice of fire, although thick hard, but capability crop failure, valence also cheap. Rich door, give priority to in order to eat late Jing, common says " late rice " , rice is more aromatic soft. On holidays, also eat polished glutinous rice and face food.
Townsman is general a day of 3 eat (2 do one rare) , suburb farmer busy season is seasonal a day of 5 eat. Cook the cooked rice that boil, clean out rice 3 times, add water to burn boil, be used to a shop with meal woman (cold meal) , already managing commissariat, can make a meal loose again, burn work to water, next stew is ripe. Restaurant, dining room with bamboo basket evaporate meal. Evaporate law first rice leach 3, 4 hours, add water to burn to rice change, gain the steam on steam box next, steam comes grain of rice is soft and without the nucleus, but edible, soft delicious. Restaurant sells, every bowls of caboodle is like tower needle, common says " door plank meal " , " camel half bowls " . Another evaporate law, be about to Mi Tao is clean, put inside earthen bowl head or bowl, the evaporate that add water is ripe, facilitating cent is fed. Congee habit has two kinds of ways: It is meal of of the previous night, add water to burn boil, hangzhou person is " soak cooked rice in soup or water " , summer breakfast, be used to have soak cooked rice in soup or water. Children's folk says: "Hubble-bubble of catechu of cold meal head, mildew dried vegetable a string of 1 too " , means soak cooked rice in soup or water crosses mildew dried vegetable. 2 it is to use meter of congee that boil, yi Ke adds fire of gram, pea, red jujube to become congee, can make summer mug-up edible.

2, evaporate cereal rice
Hangzhou has Gu Mi taking steam to eat convention. Evaporate cereal rice is use rice steam box after evaporate is ripe again insolation, via the edible after rice huller, pestle, also say so " ripe rice " . This meters bilge the gender is good, easy preservation, after feeding digest easily also, especially appropriate to old people. Fokelore of evaporate cereal rice is Wu Yue when conflicting, wu Guo should jump over a country to display admirable seed rice, article of the chancellery that jump over a country is planted make suggestions, will plant Wu Guo sends again after Gu Zheng is ripe. As a result Wu Guoren was planted, do not give rice shoot, cause big hungry, big chaos of common feelings of people, jump over a country to took the chance to destroy Wu Guo. Great rejoicing of the subject that jump over a country, with the rest of evaporate cereal, treatment becomes rice, those who feed show celebrate. From now on photograph edge becomes Gu Mi taking steam consuetudinary.
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