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Face bring farmhouse restaurant
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1, house of game of mountain of king of house of king mountain game is located in Gao Hong to press down, be located in face the north that bring city, from the urban district only kilometer, be apart from 40 kilometers of Hangzhou city. Hold to from beginning to end " sincere letter, grade, substantial " management principle, won the reliant become reconciled of broad consumer to judge. Game house decorate observes and study, establishment is top-ranking, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, cooking technology is top-ranking, breed diversification. It is raw material with this locality special local product, conception is distinctive, make delicate, local color is distinctive, have full-bodied farmhouse taste. Quiet and tastefully laid out Shan Ye scene, distinctive Shan Ye is delicate will become you to avoid a city blatant, enjoy the good place that recreational Shan Ye lives. 2, wineshop of old root of old root wineshop is located in the exquisite foot of a hill with beautiful scene, money king ave on the west side, traffic is convenient, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out. With " " the chic adornment that gives priority to a problem, built grumous artistic atmosphere to the hotel. Work of art gives the root such as carve of root book, root the visitor enjoy with intense art. Gross area of old root hotel 1600 much square metre, have box more than 30. "Face how to buckle 3 treasure " , " farmhouse careless pork " , " duck of old root beer " wait for dish of 3 farmhouse characteristic to choose makings is excellent, cook elegant, local color is distinctive. "Old root is nourishing Bao " the nutrient Bao that rolls out solely for industry of our city meal. Beautiful and easy environment, high grade and considerate service, make the client of every presence hotel gratified and satisfactory, it is the pursuit of old root wineshop. Address: Face ave of king of the money that bring city on the west side phone: 0571, mountain villa of soft-shelled turtle of 63755897 3, dragon pool faces mountain villa of An Longtan soft-shelled turtle is sun dragon pool the field that raise turtle faces An Fuling Long at was in in August 2003 street Xu Jia as fortified building village Yang Jia, mutual balcony 16, can accept 100 people have dinner at the same time. Basically manage 3 years feral the soft-shelled turtle of zoology of dragon pool card that put in a suitable place to breed, series have dinner is chicken of add farmhouse earth, foreign chaffy dish of first class of fish of duck, clear water, have farmhouse earth food additionally. Was judged to be farmhouse characteristic cafeteria 2003, chaffy dish of dragon pool soft-shelled turtle is judged to be farmhouse characteristic dish. Address: Exquisite is street phone of reservoir of Home Yang head: 0571, of 63764747 4, Sen Zhuyuan samples the farmhouse potherb of Yuan Ziyuan flavour, enjoy the fun of nature. Address: Face telephone call of forestry centre of exquisite of An Xiayu bridge: 0571, 63763917 5, downwind cate

City of suitable abundant cate sets balcony 20, dish with " wild, bright, beautiful " for characteristic, bao, soup collects rare potherb of used feral edible in season, precious, all be the green food of free from contamination, have the character of low adipose, much nutrition, much property of a medicine. Address: Face install board bridge countryside to make the same score peak village phone: 0571, mountain villa of small dragon of mountain villa of 63780777 6, small dragon is located in chiliad Gu Zhenwu to go town with on the west the village of little former time of two kilometers is little Long Shan. Bend 5 fork, song Sha becomes back, kosher and quiet and tastefully laid out, be personally on the scene, do not have interest one time, enjoy the verve of nature truly, it is recreational the good place that go vacationing. Mountain villa always invests 1.5 million yuan, size balcony 12, can enjoy dish of earth of the game in hill, farmhouse to the top of one's bent, 11 guest room show in the concealed in fir clump, the red lantern outdoor is hanged high, as if place oneself at picture scroll in, the assembly room of 50 much people is decorated quiet and tastefully laid out, wintry warm summer is cool. Address: Face An Wuqian to press down phone of hill of small dragon of village of little former time: 0571, the 63874777 7, guesthouse that jump over wind jumps over wind guesthouse to repose in the exquisite foot of a hill with pretty scenery, around the city on the west Lu Zhongyu group with south, communication is easy, hotel facilities is all ready, decorate luxuriant elegance, the old hall of nearly 200 square metre all shows luxurious spirit, can satisfy 300 people have dinner at the same time. Dining-room is special still roll out farmhouse the characteristic dish such as fish of brook of this chicken, clear water and farmhouse game differs with satisfying the demand of guest. Wait for recreational establishment plus card of the conference, business affairs, chess, hairdressing, let you times feeling warmth and comfortable. Ad hoc Diaoyu Island is returned by the guesthouse that jump over wind, you might as well here will enjoy the life, enjoy life. Address: Around the city of bright and beautiful town on the west road phone: 0571, village of seamount of Xiaona of village of seamount of Xi Xiaona of 63751183 8, short for Zhejiang Province is to face system of the tourist attraction that form a complete set of tourist attraction of the travel that bring city serves project, be located in short for Zhejiang Province on the west river of brook of Great Wall of big gorge, stone, willow, big the central ground of the beauty spot such as bright hill, be apart from prosperous to turn a station 500 meters, prosperous changes a middle school on, in mountain villa accommodation, have dinner can visit park of Na Bing hill freely. Mountain villa has double mark house 20, cabin 10, set hall of dining-room, recreation, assembly room, teahouse, hairdressing to beautify hair etc, the service is considerate, it is the staying ground of nonlocal tourist ideal. Address: Lin Anchang converts phone of park of hill of the screen austral the town: 0571, 63665898
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