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House of fishiness of 1000 islands lake
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House of fishiness of 1000 islands lake only then built 1980, house name is granted by Xie Jian of Great Master of famous painting and calligraphy gentleman holograph inscribe, was judged to be namely 1987 " Chinese renown cafeteria " , load " Zhejiang boutique " and " dictionary of compendious China cooking " . Cafeteria is being used explode, fry, on the foundation of the law of traditional cooking ability such as smooth, evaporate, stew, north and south of incorporate things of diverse nature the elite of each big vegetable department, disentomb and contrived " emperor of head of beautiful water fish " , " the king in honest card fish " , " head of fish of honest card eight treasures " , " head of honest card red carbonado " , " head of fish of honest card arenaceous boiler " , " beautiful water swimming bladder " , . Existing balcony 37, 3 large banqueting hall, can recieve have dinner of 1400 more than person at the same time. 2002, 2003 and successive 2005 of 3 successes undertook " 1000 islands lake " contest of cooking of fish of cup China fresh water, obtained " 1 special gold 11 gold " beautiful accomplishment, be judged to be in succession again " China meal boutique " , " enterprise of countrywide green meal " , with fish of cooking fresh water famed far Er, be by tourist recognition " fresh water fish products tastes a center " .
Fishiness house rolled out Chun Xiangyuan hall on December 20, 2005, elegance of decoration of hall of honest sweet garden, establishment is all ready, accommodate repast of 230 much people at the same time, can provide the good place of party of marriage banquet, classmate, dine together for you; Chun Xiangyuan hall acts on a when lie fallow with satisfying consumer of extensive work firewood to enjoy muti_function dining-room. Offer boiled water, party, card games for you, loosen serve at characteristic of an organic whole. Propose the consumptive concept that free, optional, unrestrained, body and mind loosens completely. Hall of sweet garden of fishiness house honest offerred a late food, in order to highlight dish of this locality characteristic, the farmhouse food of earth that drops broken bits makes what you enjoy childhood period delicate.

Characteristic dish: Card of head of fish of braise in soy sauce of card of head of fish of eight treasures of card of king of head of fish of emperor of head of beautiful water fish, gold, honest, honest, honest is arenaceous in swimming bladder of boiler fish head, beautiful water, billow in vain, dish head of fish of big wonton of � , Yu Rong, pearl
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