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The gust name dish of Hangzhou and place are fastfood
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Hangzhou element says " an abundant place " , dietary history is long. Su Dongpo of poet of Northen Song Dynasty ever praised: "The Cheng Wei of official of the world wine is like Hangzhou also. " after the change austral room of the Song Dynasty, the shop such as shop of the tea lane of Hangzhou, wine is bristly, take whole town shop 3 above of 2 / . Zhejiang dish department is one of 8 big vegetable departments of countrywide, and the main component that Hangzhou dish is this dish department. The main characteristic of Hangzhou gust is to be good at at shrimp of fresh water fish kind, bloat the flesh that be soiled crosses kind hold the post of with the boil of greengrocery. Hangzhou dish is chosen not only makings is exquisite, notice knife result, duration, into dish flaming, weigh former juice raw ingredient, delicious alcohol is sweet, small have sweet acerbity, delicate and dainty, modelling is beautiful, and a lot of dish dots have beautiful and of long standing and well established history, moving fokelore, in enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally.

The gust name dish of Hangzhou and place fastfood, mug-up, breed is various, basically can divide for:

1. Fleshy dish kind. Be like east fire of slope flesh, sweet juice is the flesh austral pink of shredded meat of flesh of stew of square, dried vegetable, Qian Jiang, lotus leaf, countryside, dry scamper diabolo.

2. Aquatic product kind. Like juice of rice crust of shelled fresh shrimps of shelled fresh shrimps of a thick soup of fish of fish of west lake vinegar, elder brother's wife of the Song Dynasty, Dragon Well tea, tomato, crab Gui Yu, crab brews bean curd of head of fish of hoosh of head of fish of crucian carp of orange, clam, fish, earthenware pot, oil to explode prawn, unripe explode eel piece, a beloved daughter.

3. Birds dish kind. If cry,change child chicken, chestnut to fry child chicken, day is sweet breast of duck of immortal of heel of Chao Feng of chicken of drunk chicken, eight treasures child, lark, fire, crackling is columbine etc. .

4. Sweet Lenten kind. If candied floss tangerine, element burns goose, tiger,run bamboo shoots in spring of diabolo of element of element ham, blast, oily stew.

5. The place is fastfood. Pork of tongue of the Bao Gui that be like green, Xi Shi, shrimp is little basket, Hangzhou congee of lotus root of bean curd of bittern of Ma Xinshang group, dish, west lake.

6. Mug-up kind. Like decoct of a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top of spring roll, dumpling, hotpot, fresh pork wonton of dumpling, fresh pork, happiness is ear of double, cat, small basket steamed stuffed bun, south confuses a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top of New Year cake of a big package, sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum (wheat) , cake of Wu Shan ghee.

The course that from the province inside and outside recommends sees meat and fish dishes, name dot, fastfood very much also, soup of wave resembling peace is round, promote palm child, dew of the tree of golden China jade of Guangdong, sago, ormosia is sanded, the line of rice crossing the bridge of Kunming, tianjin dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun, beijing roast duck, sichuan chaffy dish, xi'an boiled dumpling, lanzhou is pulled pull a face to wait.
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