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Hangzhou is fastfood - ghee cake
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For Hangzhou famous gust special local product, get a name because of basically originating in urban wind Wu Shan. Be in early 2, 300 years ago namely celebrated already all directions. Clear acting famous novel " Confucianism forest outside history " already alluded namely in one book, make recognition. Ghee cake mixes with classy flour pink white sugar, panbroil to make and be become with earthnut. Because cake opens Meng Rong to be like straw rain cape, so Hangzhou person breathes out again for " of cake of " straw rain cape. Cake color is golden, when feeding, first when pink of fine white sugar, when the entrance, crisp and goluptious, have local color quite. Will hundreds years altogether the person that ascend Wu Shan, all be a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure with tasting cake of Wu Shan ghee. Today the place such as Wu Shanming sweet building still has supply.

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