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Hangzhou name is fastfood TOP10
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1, green wraps Chinese juniper

This is a story that Hangzhou person knows, fizzle out blast of entity of person of flour make it into gold color, it is deep-fried twisted dough sticks. Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is placed in the squash in spring roll skin, of gush delicious, what see now nevertheless is less and less.

2, oily winter

Flour wraps turnip silk, drink what scamper strong-smelling preserved bean curd sells together to say commonly.

3, wonton is small basket

Need not say, new abundant is fastfood everyday so much person knows its flavour.

4, cake of Wu Shan ghee

Square some sells Wu Shan.

5, west lake lotus root starch

There is in bags now with fast dissolve, it is to see mom boil in one's childhood come out, sa Shanggui spends candy, it is simply " highest grade " ! Female survival can use those who reduce weight.

6, the cat is auditive

Think feline ear can be taken really in one's childhood eat, knowing later is the sample that flour holds feline ear. The cat of view knowing ingredient is auditive very oh.

7, piece plain

Cutlet of + of pickles + winter bamboo shoots, boil the face that come out delicacy slips again, hangzhou characteristic, other place does not have some. Of A beautiful noodle shop piece plain very delicious (be in civil all the way near KFC, everyday the business is good exploded) .

8, old duck Bao

The whole nation's famed Zhang Sheng writes down old duck Bao

9, happy double

View knowing ingredient is selling, knowing up to now is what flavour.

10, get the better of cake surely

Yue Fei goes out an old lady to do them to eat fokelore. Put spun yarn in pink of polished glutinous rice to use bamboo slip steam 3 minutes, take the idea that gets the better of surely. River lane street has an old lady to begin the earliest to do this, also let off several times on TV, did this inn to rise more now, or that had better eat.

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