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Dish of characteristic of pool of Western Paradise of short for Zhejiang Provinc
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1, day Chi Gongyu: Ever was the fish of highest grade money of articles of tribute, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender and clinking. (need to book)
2, head of highest grade fish: Tian Chiye gives birth to a fish to cooperate a variety of remote mountains medicinal materials to stew boil, preserve one's health is nourishing.
3, prosperous spends 3 rock: Grouper, partridge, Shi Er, game is dye-in-the-wood.
4, Chang Huadou works: By the bean products with roast live charcoal, have full-bodied place distinguishing feature extremely.
5, bavin leaf bean curd: Use bavin of day pool high mountain to cultivate tender leaf handiwork to be made, natural and healthy.

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