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Yanjin playing live "cultural tourism county" brand
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In recent years, Yanjin County closely around to create "cultural tourism county," the development goals, leveraging strengths grasp planning, grasping characteristics based on resources, manufacturing, promotion grasping atmosphere, innovative mechanisms to catch input, playing live cultural tourism card. Use of the advantages grasp planning. Yanjin County take full advantage of the superior geographical location, convenient traffic and heavy tourism resources and cultural advantages, such as red bean paste effort to build a town to tourism development as a leader, to the old Mount Lebanon Primitive Forest Park and along the waterline new rural Queensland model as the main promenade, "a leader of a corridor of a park" layout of the tourism development, tourist scenic spots within the county into a set of natural landscape, human ecology, folk customs in one of the tourist attractions tourist scenic spots, and promote cultural tourism producing fast, healthy and sustainable development. Relying on resources grasping characteristics. Yanjin County town rich thick red bean paste based on historical and cultural landscape, efforts to establish a "post road take years, wonders of the world view, cultural goods Bo" brand, the effort to build "the first town in Yunnan Province," Tourism in Northeast Yunnan quality tourist town and the 4A level scenic spots; basis and in the town of beautiful natural scenery, unique geographical advantages and good water environment, to build appreciation of bamboo, play in the water, taste the farm food for the feature set of ecological, water, as one of the Yunnan Folk Northeast "Water style" tourist town. Relying on the county grand canyon scenery, unique folk customs to create "Canyon Rock City" tourism and leisure tourism landscape. Manufacturing environment grasp recommendation. Yanjin County by inviting China Central Television, ATV Center, Xinhua news media attention and provincial Yanjin cultural tourism, cultural tourism promotion Yanjin; by Tourism Trade Fair, Tourism Promotion, Tourism Forum, produced publicity pictures and other forms of vigorous publicity promotion of cultural tourism brand; film production and co-published "album off with red bean paste," "Five Foot Road bean paste Culture Seminar Proceedings off" and some special Yanjin cultural tourism promotion; success "Qingnuan Wumeng," "Meet the ancient bean paste town? challenge the world limit "and" China Town Food Festival bean paste "and other activities; the same time, with the Central Television advantage of global coverage, organized the" Chinese Love? Love full Yanjin "large-scale theatrical performances, in the wider range of publicity, create Yanjin image, enhance Yanjin in the country and the world of visibility and influence. Innovative mechanisms to catch input. Yanjin County to strengthen transport networks, and accelerate the construction of roads leading to tourist attractions, upgrade and management of tourist passenger vehicles to improve the quality of road access, to improve the tourist attractions of water, electricity, roads, communications and other infrastructure. Innovation and investment system, increase the government guidance of investment, tourism investment and financing at the same time actively explore effective ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of all types of investors, to achieve the best combination of capital and resources. Innovation management system, increase investment, to encourage well-known within and outside of Tourism to invest in tourism enterprises, and actively promote the existing international and domestic tourism enterprises to actively learn from the advanced management experience, enhance the management level. In accordance with the "who invests will benefit, mutual benefit" principle, to adopt a more flexible and preferential policies, the full liberalization of cultural tourism, investment, attract investments, focus on improving food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other tourism elements, and highlight the new, strange, Principal features of the development of cultural tourism to reinvigorate Yanjin. It is reported that this year's "May Day" period, the county has a total of 1 million tourists trips, tourism revenue of 200 million yuan; "October" Golden Week, "China? Bean paste off the third Food Culture Festival", attracted , the county has a total of 2 million tourists who, more than 420 million in tourism revenue. Deadline October 10, Yanjin County has received this year's total of 263,000 tourists trips, tourism income reached 61.51 million yuan. Recently learned that in Yanjin County to create "cultural tourism county" in the building, the county ecological environment has been greatly improved. Five Foot Road area in the red bean paste, disappeared 20 years of monkeys and reproduce, and comfortable to play on a sound ecological environment, and diverse vegetation five feet Road area, and the Five Foot Road beauty blend.
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