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The west lake is humanitarian landscape
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Thousands of years ago, the west lake is firm the lagoon with sea space, it is the dredge of generation acting working people and deck, had her today. Historical endless flow, cleaned out how many sedimentary silt, forever account is worn bright ethical culture cataract does not cease. Be pregnant with of west lake landscape one of 7 big ancient capital Hangzhou, the development of Hangzhou promoted the develop of west lake landscape to change again. Climate bestows geographically, the good luck of humanitarian history, made famous city of world-famous scenery travel culture.
Contain of broad and profound west lake culture is between landscape, the clever concealed ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes that is hidden in strange peak beautiful Lin Zhi then, day Zhu Sansi and only kind temple, garden of name of monk of name of spring of name of market name temple runs for the tiger of an organic whole, enjoy " precious jade stage elfland " praise the courtyard of the path that hold Chinese hackberrya in the arms in Ge Ling, the is hill of Taoism celestial being Yu Huangshan palace that say, west lake the 5 yellow dragon holes that offer sacrifices to one of dragon dots greatly, our country ancient time one of 4 big mosque phoenix temple; Male stand erect at side of money pond river 6 with the tower, the white tower of delicate and exquisite, the mark of west lake scenery- - Bao Shuda; West lake group the grotto statue in hill (Tang Songyuan grotto is artistic, the Zen arhat statue of vulgarization, a way of counting the years is close a statue, statue of Taoism of the Southern Song Dynasty) , collect carefully " 4 libraries whole book " Wen Lan cabinet; Kiln of official of celadon gem the Southern Song Dynasty, moustache of king of Changjiang Delta medicine celebrates Yu Tang, the elegant demeanour of the government office of the most attractive silk, museum of tea of a exclusive large special subject on the world, xi Ling of resort of inscriptions seal cutting imprints a batch of museum such as the company, memorial hall. Still have with the west lake Yi of a Yi is born brightness, circulate the Yue Fei of through the ages, yu Qian, bai Juyi, su Dongpo, lin Hejing, yu Yue, gong Zizhen, zhang Cangshui, wu Changshuo, li Shu is the same as, the lid makes a day, huang Binhong, pan Tianshou, the fighter that still has large quantities of one latter-day and democratic revolution (Xu Xilin, tao Chengzhang, qiu Jin, zhang Taiyan) , without do not make a person enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave, the aftertaste is boundless.
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