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Word of tourist guide of area of scene of hill of Gu of Zhejiang Hangzhou west l
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Each tourists, everybody is good, welcome everybody to visit. Then we introduce the general situation of Gu hill above all first: Gu hill hill is 38 meters tall, for the west lake group the hill of lowest of the altitude in hill, also be the biggest islands in the west lake. Its Dong Lianbai bank, the west lake outside be being faced south, receive on the west on the west Leng Qiao, north is close to li of west lake. Surround in west lake blue waves because of Gu hill in, the scenery is beautiful, because this resides easy Ceng Youci to say in vain: "Cabinet of a fabled abode of immortals is in the center of water " . Gu hill is the rhyolite that volcano of time of geology of the Cretaceous age erupts and into, for the more than arteries and veins of dwell glow mountain, cover an area of 300 mus or so. Beautiful Lun Meihuan of the scenery in area of Gu hill scene, humanitarian landscape is numerous, accordingly we can generalize a word to describe Gu hill: The scenery is superexcellent place, humanitarian the ground that collect a gathering of things or people.

Above all what we see first is to be known as " west lake 10 scene " one of music courtyard wind carries on our shoulder or back. Carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind is called when the Southern Song Dynasty " wind of 麯 courtyard carry on one's shoulder " . Because here is wide kind of lotus, spend sweet intoxicate, appreciate the point with optimal carry on one's shoulder for the west lake, friend name. Kang Xi's emperor swims later when the lake, change it into " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " , book " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " 4 words, because this gets a name.
This does not have base statue that we see now is Chinese famous artist, dean of branch department of Hua Dong of former China beautiful courtyard Mr Huang Binhong. Why his statue is to do not have base, not the sort of commanding, where is very grand imposing manner? That is yellow old gentleman he feels he is to come from the painter at folk, he and civilian are close, live in people common people, because his statue does not have base, of be on an equal footing of as civilian as us common people.

This kiosk cries " Mu Caiting " , this booth is person of pond of fund of neat state of the Southern Dynasties Su Xiaoxiao grave. Su Xiaoxiao is very famous at that time song prostitute, for one calls Bao Ren's person to be built for Su Xiaoxiao place at that time. Praise although Su Xiaoxiao body is in the ground of wind month firework, but preserve one's moral integrity, character and morals is exalted, piece silty and the spirit that does not catch. There is couplet hung on the columns of a hall to pay on booth: Lake hill here ever buried jade, wind month its person but casting gold. For great master of our country literature place of Mr Mao Dun is inscribed. Mao Dun is person of town of black of Zhejiang tung countryside, have " midnight " , " Home Lin store " .

We this bridge before calls Xi Ling the bridge, xi Ling bridge and long bridge, break the bridge and call a west lake bridge of 3 great lovers. Cold word is cool and refreshing meaning. Olden when this bridge was not built, people should take a ship here to swim to Gu hill admire, a crossing that is at that time.
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