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"51 " Hangzhou offers free bicycle to swim west lake (graph)
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"51 " Hangzhou offers free bicycle to swim west lake (graph)
On March 13, a spit of Hangzhou, misty rain is drizzly, the verdure that lets the weeping willow branch on Bai Di is more delicate. China News Service sends Li Kewei to photograph
Riding a bike, admire a scenery slowly in west lake edge. Will rise on May 1, tourist of China and foreign countries can ride to hire the bicycle that come freely, have a good swim in west lake edge. Hopeful of system of traffic of Hangzhou city communal bicycle is in " 51 " holiday is devoted and pilot, and at " 11 " holiday is comprehensive and open, at the appointed time tourist of Hangzhou citizen, China and foreign countries can rent communal bicycle freely.

Before May 1, hangzhou plans to be in city north, city on the west and west lake scenery scenic spot the area chooses division of a pilot service each, 3 services division will put in 2000 bicycles. Hangzhou is preliminary plan, the time that rent a car is inside half an hour, will be free.

Area of scene of Hangzhou west lake will serve as first pilot, predict to be south Su Di mouth, visit lake building, parking lot of entrance of area of holy pond scene mouth, liu Lang hears warbler edge of a door, grow the mouth austral bridge park, average lake autumn month, window of high mountain temple establishs 7 each drive a vehicle to serve a point, put in 350 communal bicycles, strive to be in " 51 " official investment is used. When arriving, tourist of China and foreign countries can swim freely west lake, enjoy truly follow along with hire, along with hire follow, along with stop along with returned free service.

On pilot foundation, october a day roll out system of communal bicycle traffic formally. According to statistic, hangzhou city shares 414 community at present, press small community a site, big community the plan of two sites, strive to be in one year inside half time, form enclothe Hangzhou the system of 8 old the city zone, communal bicycle traffic that owns 50 thousand 1000 services site, bicycles.

Kingdom of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, Hangzhou is smooth express, if Hangzhou takes the lead in building system of communal bicycle traffic to be executed,rent freely, like opening a west lake freely in those days with respect to meeting resembling, make one large window of the city

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