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The west lake is admired spring 18 great optimal place
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Spring is searched to discover new west lake in spring in edge of new west lake

1. Lakeside road
The international name of edge lake tastes business street area, the most fashionable spring clothing and the most wonderful spring scenery reflect, it is ground of concentration of lakefront vogue belle, scene and beauty, all can intoxicate.

2. South hill road

Set off " see carefreely south hill " theme, flowery or the gallery of indifferent to fame or benefit, peaceful tea building, bold and unrestrained bar, still have that " west lake spring " dining-room, go up in this romantic road.

3. West lake heaven and earth

Area of office of delicate dining-room, coffee, open the glazing that close and vitreous door greatly, spring scenery outspread to each dining-room, no matter astral Buck, Hagendasi, halcyon, still be cloud water, wipe tea ice cream together, or a dish of fresh and green asparagus, spring, also be eatable so.

4. Liu Lang hears warbler

Know from literal, here belongs to spring, the views and admire twitter of spring scenery, listen respectfully resort of old brand, need not give uncecessary details.

5. The half concealed austral water

It is south bachelor park. Have platform of recreational view scene, be located in the midpoint connecting a line of thunder peak tower and town god cabinet, eye shot is superexcellent.

6. Grow bridge park

"Long bridge is not long " be " west lake 3 absolutely " one of, it is a small Mu Qiao only, allegedly Liang Shanbai wishs flower stage 18 photographs send is in this bridge, two people winded 18 lis of ways back and forth on the bridge. Spring, talk about a love that pesters lingering continous to here, it is how interesting thing.

7. Thunder peak tower

Look down at the optimal position of west lake scene, ascend tower overlook, the one tree peach blossom on embankment cultivates smoke willow, the apply colours to a drawing that became layer cascade to fold color, it is the most beautiful enjoyable picture scroll in spring.

8. Yang Gongdi

With Su Di Bai Di comparing rises, yang Gongdi more resembling is a road, more atmosphere, opener. Su Di has 6 bridges, here also has 6 bridges. If you drive, it is OK perhaps to have skylight again fitly open sail, suiting to drive the Yang Gongdi that volt rises and fall since the course, see cross-strait spring water.

9. Wei Lu

Be located in beautiful harbor park on the west side. The person that likes traditional park can fall in love with here certainly, booth stage pavilion, rockery corridor, refined and peaceful, besides beautiful harbor, here also is another when watch a fish new site.

10. Area of tortoise pool scene

Yang Gongdi a side is in soundless surface, because of,naming a tortoise is the tortoise of hill be similar in shape near its, have water, have mountain, have the woods, have lawn, have farmhouse food, quiet and leisurely and comfortable, suit to lift a spring outing very much.
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