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Hangzhou West Lake tourism income is not high in Nanjing 30 years inscription
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Winter to pick up the financial crisis, the RMB appreciation in the autumn cold dip. January to September this year, total exports of 132.98 billion U.S. dollars, Zhejiang Province, export scale ranks third, behind Guangdong, Jiangsu later. Zhejiang is the key period of economic transition , Zhejiang (Hangzhou) cultural tourism and cultural industry faces urgent strategic challenges. I had recently in-depth investigation and study of Zhejiang. Zhejiang Party Secretary Zhao wishes in the interview process comrades, for the West Lake of the influence of lack of rigidity of international brands, and Hangzhou, the development of the regional structure of the text brigade and other problems, the author That in the next "five-second" period, the bigger and solid foundation of Zhejiang (Hangzhou) the rigidity of the international tourism brand influence, and "China's Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, the world", to create "the first area of Chinese culture and leisure Spirit "To enhance the base of Hangzhou, a world-class leisure, travel industry in innovation with transformation of the text as the starting point, aggressive, substantially promote the provincial economic restructuring. Hangzhou tourism income has not, Nanjing, Suzhou High Realistic analysis, with the 5A scenic West Lake in Hangzhou, the article advantage and travel industry people think so prominent. "Yangtze River Delta Regional Planning" will be in Hangzhou as "the south wing of Yangtze River Delta is On behalf of the service center ", the" North Wing center "is set at Nanjing. 2009, although the number of star hotels in Hangzhou, Nanjing is 1.9 times the annual reception of tourists visits the Nanking 2.03 times the accommodation was of domestic and foreign tourists increase Rate is higher than Nanjing, however, the total tourism income of Hangzhou 800 billion, but lower than the Nanjing (82.216 billion yuan). "There is paradise in heaven, on Earth", although it is customary to Suzhou and Hangzhou tied and talk about, but there are a lot of distress in Hangzhou, inbound tourists trips, domestic and overseas tourists accommodation was added, tourist reception hardware surpassed Ever been, but in the "regional tourism revenue," the most critical indicators, Suzhou, Hangzhou or the pressure off 3.75 percent. In the habit of understanding, the cultural resources of Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou, is superior to, but why the development of indicators in the industry, Hangzhou fall of Nanjing, Suzhou, behind? In fact, the vision of regional economic, cultural travel industry refers to the development of cultural resources within the region in a particular configuration and combination of optimization to maximize output. Regional competition in the so-called cultural tourism, cultural tourism is essentially Resources to learn more competition, the advantage is no longer the traditional cultural resources, natural attractions, types of art, entertainment products such as curing the possession of wealth, but wealth is reflected in the movement unite in the appeal and use of these streams Activity wealth to create new value, and strengthen the capacity of regional economic status, priority level to improve the utilization of cultural resources. As a result, the West Lake, Shaoxing opera, Butterfly Lovers, etc., only Zhejiang, cultural superiority, but not "industrial strength", Hangzhou is even more inappropriate to hit "the Southern Song Dynasty Royal Park" brand, not the Unity Song Dynasty, as the breeding ground of the Mountain, not The same in Nanjing, Xi'an, Beijing, is not among the empire on the highest level, the flagship "Royal Park culture," Young Barbara was "short" to avoid "long." In fact, Hangzhou, "long", in fact, Shengshi Di Wang "leisure city", a unique, known as the "Golden Age of Chinese culture and leisure First District." Sui traced down to the Kangxi and Qianlong, the most powerful in the Chinese history, the most The glory of the unified dynasty, Hangzhou Wang Sheng Shidi is always a major leisure destination. Emperors through the ages, to find a way phase, multi-ethnic imperial set the culmination of leisure culture, Hangzhou tour suitable for main text of the "Golden Age card," suitable " Culture and leisure "rather than Hainan entertainment." Zone "is Hangzhou, resources, history and economy of the overall strength of the condensation, but also adhering to the basic path of regional development, which, Fang was the high-end brand and its culture CD One of the. Hangzhou, the largest cultural tourism "short board", is the lack of world cultural heritage with the rigidity of the international brand influence. Rigidity of the World Heritage brand alarming. For example, as an internationally renowned cultural and leisure base Lijiang, based on the world heritage in 2007 -2009 in the international financial crisis was most intense period of overseas visitors to Europe-based accommodation was an annual increase of 19.69% remains. 30 years, the lake has been without compensation applications by the World Heritage May, it is bitter experience. West Lake since 2003 to achieve free tickets to the core brand of Hangzhou West Lake Culture Tour, presents two characteristics: on the one hand, in 2009, Hangzhou structure 3.7:47.8:48.5 three industries, the tertiary industry 13.9%, pulling the city's GDP growth of 6.5%, an increase of the tertiary industry ranks first in the three industries. Hangzhou tourist reception capacity of the basic sound, 250-star hotel in 2009, of which five-star 16. In 2009, domestic visitors Accommodation was to 50,937,200 passengers, up 11.9% over the previous year. October 26 this year, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway fully operational, planning on one-way passenger transport 80 million passengers. On the other hand, an increase of inbound tourists fall in accommodation was Obvious. In 2009, inbound tourists 2,304,000 passengers, up 4.1% over the previous year, while in 2008 an increase of 6.1% in 2004 -2007 the average annual increase of 25.2%. In 2009, Hangzhou, by the international financial crisis, industry, export growth has not reached the expected target indicators; urgent need solid economic basis for stabilization, economic restructuring has increased the difficulty. Winter back to the financial crisis Warm appreciation of the renminbi in the autumn cold dip this year, the RMB against the U.S. dollar rate was 2.62%, only in September to 1.61% appreciation. This year from January to September, total exports of 132.98 billion U.S. dollars, Zhejiang Province, export scale ranking Country's third, ahead of Guangdong, Jiangsu later. From the trade point of view, Zhejiang Province, general trade accounted for 80% of the total export trade by the pressure of RMB appreciation, more apparent than in Guangdong. Therefore, the strategic transformation of the industrial structure of Zhejiang critical period, culture, travel Travel and cultural industries should pay particular attention the relationship between itself and the regional development can not engage in cultural protection in isolation, can not continue to do low-level exhibition and festival, should implement Industry in the upgrade. Positioning of the text of the International Brigade, many places in the country, talk about easy, done. For example, Hainan positioning "international tourist island", it mainly serves domestic tourists, "international" the table, "domestic" the inside. Zhejiang should avoid this kind of "duplicity" of the upgrade path. As a world-class cultural and leisure base, its front-end chain with international brand to be the core of the influence of cultural values, such as the World Heritage Site. In 2010, Zhejiang Danxia (Jianglangshan) won the "World Heritage", will To be well matched with the reasonable world heritage protection and regional development, which will completely break through the bottleneck of the existing Zhejiang Tourism, comprehensive inventory of "say what" the provincial tourism strategy for the international positioning, and speed up as the West Lake A World Heritage Site, it will completely repair Zhejiang (Hangzhou) International short-board travel. Cultural tourism and cultural industries have their industry specialty, in the "Yangtze River Delta regional planning" in the planning of tourism in Hangzhou was "an important international tourism and leisure centers", I believe, should be further precisely Amended to "world-class tourism and leisure centers", and "planning" in the "Hangzhou focus on the development of cultural and creative, tourism and leisure, e-commerce and other services, as the south wing of Yangtze River Delta region of modern service center," should be deleted " South Wing, "the word, and upgrading the" Yangtze River Delta region to become one of the modern service center. " Currently, the "massive economic" upgrading to a modern industrial clusters, becoming one of the priorities of economic transformation in Zhejiang, but in the direction of cultural tourism and cultural industries should take the lead in accelerating the transformation of a higher level, namely within the text Province Set of functional areas of tourism, closely rely on the advantages of the equipment manufacturing industry, highlighting the development of cultural (tourism) industry, which really form a high-end paper products and high-end travel services, will really win the experience of regional economic transformation History of the opportunity, will effectively reflect the starting point for optimization of economic structure function effectively help local development. Poem: "For the West than the West, total cash Yihe affordable," Wen Hangzhou travel industry must be upgraded, rather than random cash Yihe.
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