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Directory of west lake travel (new 10 scene)
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Man Longgui rain

Famous the land that grants laurel, be located in west lake southwest south in height and the natural dorp that white crane peak places stand erect to fall, run with Hangzhou zoo, tiger adjacent of dream spring look. Blessing of day of the later han dynasty of the Five Dynasties of according to legend is built 4 years " the circle promotes a courtyard " , change after say " become aware completely Gansu " , the ground is passed with the temple. The valley of happy in water hole and stone house hole, much forest, chun Richeng opens chrysanthemum, after autumn cultivates the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn completely, scenery but eat. Become aware completely especially Gansu on the way mountain line edge, establish has tree of sweet-scented osmanthus of more than 7000 individual plant, have the variety such as Jin Gui, silver-colored laurel, orange osmanthus.
Park of rain of full Gansu laurel has sun square, Man Yuanchun, 2 springs to mirror house of hall of lunar lake, the Moon Palace, lunar corona, orange osmanthus, hill old cabinet of small house of tea of a mu of deep and remote Xiaoju, garden, month, dinosaurian cereal, amusement park 20 more than.

Annual on September 15 -- between October 15, section of sweet-scented osmanthus of west lake international is held here. At the appointed time bead Ying Qiongshu, 100 Hua Zhengyan, sweet wave several lis, ooze person the bottom of one's heart. A thick soup of sweet-scented osmanthus chestnut that makes with sweet-scented osmanthus and candy sweet-scented osmanthus are here most distinctive mug-up.

In addition, annual on March 30 - on April 15, "Spring tea party " section of travel of thing of Man Long tea also is held here.

Small stick person: The edge becomes aware Gansu hill road goes up completely, can look around mist and clouds in the twilight 3 holes, namely stone house hole, water happy hole, hole misting and clouds in the twilight. The tiger runs on the roadside around original one well, there is 4 wells key point to weigh a well 4 times on, there is an alley on, both sides laurel cultivates Cheng Lin, making an appointment with 500 meters all right is stone house hole, its hole tall open, hole top is like house, because this gets a name. Hole wall is original 500 arhat stone carving, already destroyed now. Advocate go up to additionally one hole says by the side of the hole " the courtyard that fasten stone " , go up after the hole wide below narrow, shape is like float snail, name " snail of the sea float " . Stone house hole after many rebuild, all over establish flowers and trees, it is the good place that summer visits have a rest.

Stone makes an appointment with 500 meters before house hole, it is water happy hole. Woods of laurel of the roadside outside the hole stands, mid-autumn time, golden Gui Piao is sweet, tourist can taste tea beside Guishu small sit, have beautiful interest extremely. Water happy hole is deep many meters 60, mouth of a cave has Qing Quan to pour out of, if sound metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength, very euphonic. Have on both sides cliff " natural tweedle " , " listen to the musical instrument that do not have bowstring " wait for carved stone, can hear everywhere inside the hole underwater acoustic, but do not see water, till if note,hole eloquence sees Qingquan. Socle of original Liang Shanbai, Zhu Ying resembles two by the hole. Have one rock additionally, attack with bastinado, sound is like Gu Qin, it is wonderful very.
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