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Play Warm Springs spa distance you travel the heart of Christmas
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2010 Christmas is coming, many people like to go to Hong Kong during the Christmas season and even Japan, Europe travel, not only to experience a strong festive atmosphere, enjoy the bright Christmas lights, but also enjoy the winter on sale in major stores, festival food restaurant promotions and exclusive offers all kinds of travelers. However, the busy work, trivial family life has to go to work physically and mentally fatigued, so more and more people started to like another way to travel - "slow travel", which is a popular hot spring way to relax. Winter weather is dry, hot springs can remove the body's skin, and has moisturizing effect, can treat dry itchy skin. In addition, the hot springs can also rule the summer and winter disease, because in summer the strong ultraviolet radiation, the skin will inevitably be sunburn. The hot spring water has a very good repair factor, cure dermatitis, allergies and other symptoms, and enhance the cold tolerance and immunity. The winter of 2010, "Information Times Travel Weekly," continued the 2009 "Spring in Guangdong" special hot spring after the passage of Guangzhou, once again orchestrated two warm atmosphere of the spa is full of information. This issue coincides with the approaching Christmas, New Year, let us together in this cold winter, warm-up warm heart. Southern Christmas, less snow cover, but to the unique charm to attract visitors in all directions, hot springs, watching performances, taste the food, Shanghai received a gift Santa Claus, listen to the choir Sounds of Nature ... ... Whether you are with the beloved friend Hand in Hand, or the Carnival Family Fun, can be enjoyed a warm into the heart of the Christmas holidays. Ocean Spring Resort: Santa Town In order to meet the coming of Christmas New Year's Day double, Ocean Spring Resort will introduce the "romantic winter holiday" activities, become a resort area will change their face, "Santa Town." In Ocean Spring Metropark Hotel in, you can see, ple asant romantic Christmas Q-dolls, Christmas dolls; and Xi Yang Yang, lovely Tiger mysterious island paradise is gathered, distributed holiday visitors to the Octagon souvenirs; also launched a new "The Polar peak of" love of high-altitude challenges of development are also waiting for the warriors to participate. In addition, Santa Claus in the lobby distributing hot chocolate and candy and other Christmas gifts, as well as multi-country style shower dance, "Torch Festival of Love" and "love each other" you are involved in sign language performances. Who take the gondola, luxury tourist boats, classic cars, boats MICE tourists, but also put in the lake lotus lamp. Lake Fisherman's Wharf Christmas and New Year dinner buffet, the mysterious island of joy passion packages, Ocean Spring Hotel, a romantic winter dinner buffet and "Tong Mengshi Christmas fantasy world," Christmas Eve buffet dinner, Ocean Spring European style cafes and other colorful Christmas turkey dinner , will take us into the world of Christmas food. Promotions: December 24, 2010 to January 31, 2011, Ocean Spring Metropark Hotel launched the "romantic winter holiday" promotions, and even two nights, you can park donated two tickets for a mysterious island and a 50 food and beverage voucher; even stay three nights, you can park donated two tickets for a mysterious island and three 88 dining vouchers. Bishuiwan: natural health spa Holy Land Christmas, would you like Carnival Family Fun? Christmas, do you want to send a thoughtful gift that she gave you? Then select the clear water bay spa is very appropriate, clear water bay is a hot spring that contains rare and sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda hot spring), currently the world only two, one in Switzerland, one in Conghua, is the world Need hot springs. Hot Springs is also rich in calcium, zinc, selenium and other 60 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health, on the regulation of cardiovascular function, the treatment of arthritis, improve sleep and other special effects. The dry winter will make your skin becomes dry, clear water and weakly alkaline Bay natural hot springs, very good for skin care, AIDS yin yang. During this winter, to send her to the health meal, can be described as dual. In addition, can also taste the local cuisine Conghua reservoir fish, Shankeng Lo, Shankeng fish, tofu and red onion chicken landscape. Offers: Deluxe Honeymoon rooms offer free wireless Internet access, free calls to China, the city long-distance, giving a seasonal fruit; Health & Wellness spa fish delivery; free to watch a variety show; free medicine and consultation with experts complimentary portrait of the ten free items. Julongwan: a lot of wonderful programs constantly Christmas is approaching, natural hot spring resort Julongwan launched the "wonderful Christmas, all in Julongwan" theme events, December 24 (Christmas Eve) night 19:30 ~ 20:30, the hotel lobby with violin, cello and other on-site performance, live choir singing; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 20:00 to 20:30, a large fireworks display; Christmas, Christmas dinner at the restaurant launch, Santa Claus and the cartoon characters will be on-site delivery of gifts. Offers: Club gift vouchers in addition, the purchase of drinks of beer Buy 2 Get 1 (Buy 2 get 1 hit play), red wine, buy 3 get 1; all the guests into the club are giving consumers a small gift. To send spring: enjoy the aristocrat treatment Goal to send spring resort hotel, spa and health club is the first choice, you can enjoy the hot spring water, soda-like treatment of moisture and the nobility. Goal to send Resort & Spa in December 24-25, guests can enjoy the rare soda in the hotel spa at the same time, more than 168 models can also enjoy the Christmas BBQ buffet dinner dishes. In the 38 meter high lobby for guests to elaborate a mysterious mask passion party, live band performances ... ... lovely Santa Claus and Christmas souvenirs will be sent to the lucky draw.
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