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Word of tourist guide of tower of peak of thunder of Zhejiang Hangzhou west lake
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Each tourist everybody is good, west lake with one of hill 2 banks 3 islands 10 scene and famed at the world, and in the west lake in 10 scene, thunder peak afterglow is to mar the tourist attraction that restores again exclusively, what what we come to now is to just opened to the outside world before long area of scene of Lei Feng tower.
Area of scene of thunder peak tower is 2000 the winter lays a foundation, qiu Jun was versed in 2002, began to open to the outside world on November 20, 2002, still belong to at present try operation phase. The cost of whole situation area amounts to 150 million yuan of RMBs, below half of new tower are relics covering layer, connect 9.85 meters tall, tower 5, 61.9 meters tall, floor area amounts to more than 3300 square metre, tower uses steel structure frame, the wall includes copper outside, whole tower is common copper 280 tons.

Before everybody still may remember be in two years, namely on March 11, 2001, CCTV and Ceng Lianmei direct seeding of Zhejiang TV station disentomb the process of relics of Lei Feng tower, in Lei Feng the ground palace of the tower still sends disinter at that time a lot of cultural relic, among them the most precious is Buddhist relics of bob of consecrate Budda Sakyamuni child tower of A Yu king. The tower that we see now is namely over the relics of old tower, such building form protected the relics of former tower very well, and format of this kind of building is in still belong to initiate at present. Ask everybody to follow now I am on elevator to look one time together in the tower after all.

(Ground floor)

Good, each tourist, what what we come to now is the relics covering layer of thunder peak tower, what overspreading with vitreous cover before us is the relics of tower of old thunder peak.

Build at peace and tranquility of Northen Song Dynasty to allow a country 2 years at the beginning of thunder peak tower (the Christian era 977 years of) , act according to hair worn in a bun or coil of snail Tibetan Buddha to send Buddhist relics for Qian Shuwei of Wu Yue king originally child how is Guo Taimin built with praying, be called tower of emperor the wife of a prince formerly, the tower is bricky timberwork. Of thunder peak tower famous those who spend is tall, the myth with Chinese folk from mouth to mouth is fabulous " white snake is passed " closely related, because the reincarnate Bai Suzhen of white snake in the story goes after terrestrial the real situation and be issued by tower of peak of Yulei of captivity of law sea bonze, thunder peak tower states consequently far sow. The thunder peak tower on the history ever encountered conflagration twice, it is in Northen Song Dynasty announce is mixed for the first time year, because of dried meat uprise, try the timberwork tower outside firebrand burn down. Arrived the Southern Song Dynasty year, ever built thunder peak tower again, west lake one of 10 scene " Lei Feng afterglow " circulate at that time namely. Thunder peak tower suffers baked wheaten cake the 2nd times is the Jia Jing in Ming Dynasty year, japanese pirates encroachs Hangzhou at that time, thunder peak tower burns fire again, only remnant tower stand erect at the west lake bank. This kind of situation arrives clear continuously all the time at the beginning of end civilian, thunder peak tower collapsed because of can'ting bear heavy burden eventually. About the reason that thunder peak tower collapses, there also is a controversy very much on the history, will tell commonly have two kinds of views, clearing before two years relics of thunder peak tower when, hair is existing quite the tower brick a side of one part has a small hole, there is sutra in the hole. And in the past, common people people incorrectly relay an erroneous information passes classics brick into golden brick, take tower brick in succession come home, cause the collapse of the tower thereby. One of this views. Of the view, because Changjiang Delta is an abundant place since ancient times, and the government office that Hangzhou is filar tea, the Hangzhou on the history teems with silk, and annual chrysalis of knot of silkworm darling spin when as a result of a variety of reasons, often have many pod death, the person in the past is superstitious, think pod became medium by accident unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, and thunder peak tower is town bewitching (white snake) , think Lei Feng the brick of the tower is put in the home, erode with respect to what can keep out bewitching evil, your home sericiculture takes, his home begs money to take, as time passes, tower especially the tower radical destruction as a result of common people, add the indifference of the person that be in power, thunder peak tower collapsed with a loud crash 1:40 afternoon on September 25, 1924 eventually.
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