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Buyers Mission to Hong Kong Macao tour Huangshan Huangshan tourism promotion D
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November 21, from Hong Kong, Macao and Asia Tourism Exchange Center Division Organization Hong Kong, Macao delegation traveling salesman buyers step on the line to go to Huangshan Scenic Area study. Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Xu Xiyi assistant to the president and his party buyer delegations warmly received, and efforts to promote the Huangshan Dong You. Huangshan tourism resources for Dong You, product and marketing policies of the docking, and Traveling Salesman buyers mission to Hong Kong, Macao, accompanied the West Sea, North Sea and other scenic spots on the ground step on the line. Buyer's delegation stayed ranked Yun Lou Hotel Huangshan Tourism. Reception before dinner, Xu Xiyi To warm welcoming Chief Assistant, on behalf of the company to the buyer, welcomed the arrival of delegation, supported by the majority of Hong Kong, Macao has long been concerned about the traveling salesman and the media to extend my sincere thanks and good wishes . Huangshan Tourism Marketing Director Zhao Hui illustrated key to Huangshan in winter product features, the latest market incentives and the "magical beauty of Huangshan Winter Dance", "Winter rhyme, Huangshan, Huizhou culture," and other topics Dong You product line made a detailed recommendation. Buyers delegation by a two-day field trips, all amazed Mother Nature, more effective protection and development of Huangshan are shocked, as well as Huangshan Dong You's "Aspect" and "selling point" of the market good. "China Tourism" and Angola Hefei television and other media online and step on the line and the accompanying report. It is understood that Hong Kong, Macao is a tourist attraction Huangshan open one of the main foreign source markets. Over the years, the majority of Hong Kong, Macao Huangshan Tourism traveling salesman and the media, care and support, step on the line with the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traveling salesman Huangshan Huangshan Dong You send the latest information, through vigorous marketing campaign, Dong You move to further expand the Dong You effectively popularity and reputation in Hong Kong, Macao, Huangshan Dong You open up overseas markets. Dong You Huangshan offer incentives: Dong You time is December 1, 2010 -2011 on 28 February, during which enjoy the following benefits: Cableway ticket discount tickets: Huangshan discount tickets from the 230 to 150 per million; cableway ticket for each one-way fares from 80 yuan to 65 yuan discount. Mountain hotel accommodation offers: Dong You practice during the off-season price of hotel mountain, peak levels when compared with more substantial benefits. Organizations offer charter flights: Travel Agencies temporary ad hoc charter flights, the number of 100 people per trip over the mountains in the company into the night standard hotel rooms, vehicles will be given 5,000 yuan for each award. Large enterprise teams offer: travel organizations from the same company, one of 300 people (including 300) or more of the large team, can enjoy the off-season price of Huangshan 8 discount tickets.
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