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Innovation and development of quality of life in Hangzhou West Lake Internationa
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Dazzling fireworks, the twelfth West Lake International Expo Hangzhou, China, today (October 16) night kicked off in Hangzhou Qianjiang New City, many domestic and foreign guests to visit the Qiantang River to join the festivities.

Former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Yang Rudai announced the opening of the twelfth West.

Zhejiang Party Secretary Zhao Hongzhu s Congress sent a congratulatory letter. Zhejiang leader Zhou Guofu, Huang Kunming, Ge Huijun, Mao Lin-sheng, Cai Qi, Lin Kai Chun, Cheng Wei-Shan, Zhejiang Province, People's Armed Police Corps captain Wang Pingan, the organizers, support units of the leaders step is made, Zhu Xuan, Sun Xiaohua, director of pine roots, Chen Guangfu, etc. , the relevant special committees of the CPPCC National Committee leaders Chai Songyue, Li Jinming, Chen Xiaoguang, ARATS Vice Chairman Wang, Feng Liu old comrades, attended the opening ceremony. Acting Mayor Shao Zhanwei the opening ceremony of Hangzhou.

Embassies and consulates in some countries, officials and representatives of sister cities will be invited to participate in activities in the West.

Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Huang Kunming, Hangzhou, at the opening ceremony. West will present "Innovation, harmony, quality of life" as the theme, transformation and upgrading of services, speed up transformation of the mode of economic development the main line, carefully arranged exhibition activities, so that the West would often do it new, do have a better than the next session and improve international, brand, professional, top level, and further fired the West will be the brand.

The current West by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the National Tourism Administration, the State Sports General Administration, Zhejiang Provincial Government and other 15 co-organized units, Hangzhou government contractor, is scheduled for October 16 to November 6 at. Summit of the International Friends of the Mayor of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, the National Hi-tech Zone Forum, 2010, Hangzhou, Zhejiang International Exchange and Cooperation in the General Assembly and other projects have been or will be center stage.

After the opening ceremony, the main venue of the Qiantang River and Canal fireworks display at the venue at the same time, this is the first time the opening ceremony of the West will merge with the fireworks held in the General Assembly. 40 minutes of fireworks, is divided into "festive Qiantang (canal)," "the ancient capital of the new rhyme", "paradise", "glory" of four chapters, attracting a large number of public visitors.

That night, at the Civic Center Plaza, Hangzhou Grand Theatre sunken city of six square stage and theatrical performances were arranged.

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