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Hangzhou west lake 10 scene guideline
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Dawn of Su Di spring
Su Di common weighs Su Gongdi, in the southwest face of the west lake, for in those days Su Dongpo opens dredge west lake in Hangzhou, grass of Feng of mud extraction a lake is built, traverse Hunan north, full-length 2.8 kilometers, rocket harbor watchs a fish south, north receives carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind, have on the bank mirror wave, Suo Lan, look at hill, pressure bank, east riverside, cross rainbow 6 bridges, of primitive simplicity is beautiful. Be " west lake 10 scene " head.
Planted completely on Su Di he cultivates sweet camphor tree, peach, Liu Jiji each content, annual constant green, arrived especially spring, the peach blossom on the bank blooms, willow sends new part of a historical period, he Xi of together with spring breeze, lake face Qing Dynasty greens jade, relaxed and happy making a person. Traffic: By K4, 504, swim 1, 2, 3, 5 road, holidays 1, 4, 5, 7 lines arrive " Su Di " station, " beautiful harbor " the station falls or arrive by west lake yacht beautiful harbor can reach the end austral Su Di, or by 7, 15, 27, 28, swim 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 road, holidays 1, 4, 6 lines arrive below station of " of carry on one's shoulder of wind of courtyard of music of station of " of " Yue Miao, " , can amount to Su Di north to carry.

By bicycle You Sudi, do all one can steps on on one stone arch bridge, unlock brake to let Che Congqiao the top gallops and fall next, a kind of when be You Sudi more violent act, had better be to be when person of early morning, dusk is little nevertheless Oh.

Break bridge incomplete snow
The name that breaks the bridge gets Yu Tangchao, there is the door on olden bridge, there is brim on the door, the intermediate a paragraph snow when snowing is on door brim, only both ends has snow on the bridge, like looking at the bridge to resemble far, call the bridge so. The name that breaks the bridge because why and it is not important to come, here has white a polite form of address for a young woman and the statement that make celestial being encountering be in love, enough it is complacent.
Traffic: By swim 1, 2 fall to the station that break the bridge.

Average lake autumn month
From the Bai Di that breaks the bridge to had walked along 1.1 kilometers to grow by Dong Xiangxi, one that of the bank is Gu hill most east the Ping Huqiu month of end. "Lake of 10 thousand just is smooth long be like lens, month of the four seasons is good most appropriate autumn " . Annual the traditional Chinese calendar on August 14 - 16 days, will hold here " the month is a west lake bright " enjoy the glorious full moon mid-autumn the evening party. The Qiu Yuelou that make the same score a lake has one couplet cloud on column: "Wear window and come winter of summer cool breeze every day, roll hill of the hill after bright moon of the hill before shade meets " , spoke the state here.
Traffic: By swim 1, 2 arrive Xi Ling bridge or break the bridge to get off, be headed for on foot or to disembark to Zhongshan park by west lake yacht
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