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Hangzhou west lake is new 10 scene guideline
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Yun Qizhu diameter
Be located in be apart from a west lake in the 5 Yun Shanshan a depressed place of 20 kilometers, according to legend has 5 colour cloud to fly in ancient times in market a depressed place, get a name consequently. Zhu Lin of a depressed place of edge of Yun Qizhu diameter and brook water alternate with, with " green, clear, cool, static " 4 get the better of and celebrated, ancient poetry says " myriad pole Zhu Nongyin is close, running water green hill is like draw " .
Small stick person: What just can experience here completely by bicycle is quiet with unruffled. When setting out, go south line, classics tiger runs, 6 head for with tower, 9 brooks, Song Cheng, mei Ling channel passes through after diameter of bamboo of You Biyun dwell, walk along Zhu of day of boreal line classics, clever concealed, Yu Quan to return. There still are hill of village of tea of plum a depressed place, 5 clouds and new-blown by the side of Yun Qizhou big Qing Gu is worth to swim, annulus hill a day, make National People's Congress has results surely. Traffic: By swim to Yun Qizhu diameter station falls 4, half hours one.
Entrance ticket: 5 yuan

Ruan Dunhuan greens jade
Ruan mound is Qing Jiaqing 5 years, when Zhejiang make one's rounds strokes west lake of Ruan Yuan dredge, the laborer digs more than 104000 tons of silty accumulation and into, because dirt is loose, unfavorable build villa, went out of cultivation more than 100 years. Till 1982, to develop travel resource, in this area on 8.5 mus island, add many tons of 1000 clay, all round piece stone consolidate, capital construction more than 240 square metre, have " the booth that recall Yun " , " cloud water is resided " , " annulus green jade is small build " , go angling area monarchs again after, " village of annulus green jade " form what have distinguishing feature quite " greenery flowers hides Zhu She " the gardens on water. On the island of Xiaqiu's night, the lady-in-waiting that wears ancient costume respects tea, the seven-stringed Chinese zither accompanies, sing merrily and dance gracefully, if suddenly making a person separates an era.
Traffic: Multiply yacht to head for by Zhongshan park.
Fare: 20 yuan

Yellow Long Tucui
Be located in north of mountain of glow of dwell of hill of west lake north to the foot of a hill or mountain. Does the Song Dynasty of according to legend pure? V year, bonze of hill of Jiangxi yellow dragon comes this builds a temple, ignore a day of Huang Long flies to shake ground subsequently, shan Yan is in fission to be like dragon mouth, qing Quan from which spew, friend says " yellow dragon hole " . Here green banboos is dense, plant individual plant is spat emerald green, because of the name " yellow Long Tucui " . In evergreen of liver mosses cane on steep wall, vulture has one yellow bibcock, have diarrhoea water enters a pool, draw near quarter " water is absent deep, have Long Zeling " . Yellow dragon hole is in the Song Dynasty, yuan, bright, Buddhist resort is when Qing Dynasty, path of instead of clear minor details is watched. Built here with " predestined relationship " the round predestined relationship that gives priority to a problem folk-custom garden, become Hangzhou 4 big marriage celebrate one of parks. Inside folk-custom garden, wear the musician of ancient costume, spiccato inside long Le Ting Gu Le, euphonic and pleasant.
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