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Su Di of → of bay of prince of → of city of Hangzhou the Song Dynasty swims on
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3 pools of → of Su Di of → of bay of prince of → of Song Cheng of railway station → imprint hole of Huang Long of → of harbor of Jin Sha of lunar → Yue Wangmiao →
Take K4 route in the morning public transportation go to Song Cheng, swim finish multiply in add swim 5 come prince bay, the lunch in road, and souvenir of choose and buy, visit Su Di next, take the pleasure boat toward Yue Wangmiao direction, dock of high mountain lake toes disembark, look around into Yue Wangmiao, change a village to golden Sha Gangwen on foot again, appreciation is over come out to multiply swim 5 cars arrive garden of folk-custom of round predestined relationship of Huang Long hole.

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