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Bicycle Hangzhou rides You Baodian to west lake landscape is swept and pass
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The bicycle is hired in Hangzhou, cash pledge is 200 yuan normally. Rent charge differs 10 yuan to 5 yuan from 1 hour. If do not consider the road back to one's former position, can search " Yi Youtang " rent a car, it has 30 sites that rent. )

A few primary ride swim circuit:
A surrounds the west lake rides row, take west hill route, circuit 12. 5 kilometers. Appropriate is slow fast advance, admire all the way scene. But must rise early (5: 30 - 7: 00 optimal) .

B from break the bridge to begin, along Bai Di 9 lis of Jing Yuquan, arboretum, pines arrive clever concealed, go again consummate Tian Zhu. Go back and forth between 16 kilometers, have a paragraph of ramp. This is a classical course that suits morning practice, car friend is more, OK and mutual communication.

C takes Dragon Well tea dish hill on the road Weng Jiashan turns to become aware Gansu travel tiger runs completely the road arrives south hill road. Have certain difficulty, had better use gearshift car, declivous should control rate.

D edge tiger runs the Jiang Lu that the road turns arrives 9 brooks, climb red bayberry mountain next. It is a test to trick-cycling and physical strength, do not ride to go up can carry out.

Note: Draft a choose and buy to configure to suit to lie fallow ride swim, the country car with better performance, ride swimming comfortable sex and security in order to rise; Should penetrate the cotton with rapid sweat of gas, platoon pledges sprotswear, unfavorable the jeans that wears massiness; Declivous turn path should use bit of check, unfavorable the brake crank before die Buddhist templeput on the brakes or be being used controls rate; Uphill when should shift to an earlier date shift gears; Ride certain distance maintains between the person that go.
Circuit of stroll of circumjacent scene area -- , bicycle fitness rides You Baodian (2)

Fitness rides swim economy, environmental protection, rich appeal, made up for expenses of cost of other travel project big, suffer square field surface to restrict the place that waits for inadequacy greatly. Ride swim OK still and slow psychological pressure, improve Morpheus quality, prevent melancholia; The plant nerve that carries athletic adjustment person and endocrine, improve oneself immunity function; Ride swim movement is right fall hematic fat, fall it is blood pressure, certain to reduce weight to also have the effect; Conduce to even overcome " the office is asked for integratedly " ! Join bicycle fitness to drive processional train when you, already held to period of time, savor after benefit, be very happy with it certainly, wanted to enlarge mobile space very much? This not, first 2 class jewel is rolled out ceremoniously today, you can try skill.

Hill of diameter of ★ Yu Hang, altitude 550 meters, go back and forth between 120 kilometers. The edge not works hill way, cross fine to small piece of land surrounded by water via Peng Gong left abduct crosses the mountain on Shuang Xi, return can go long happy, more than Hangzhou town, stay, ancient swing. Diameter camellia cannot be not tasted, interest returns Ke Shuangxi to drift.
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