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West lake tourist attraction introduces
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The west lake is major the tourist attraction does not need entrance ticket, but fly peak, clever concealed temple, by yacht You Hu heart wells balanced 3 pools imprint month, song Cheng wait the big tourist attraction that must go again a moment (do not go the west lake seems to did not swim same, abrupt, memory is misshapen also not complete) entrance ticket is very expensive still, had better seek the local travel agent with an abundant actual strength (it is domestic company of course) come a west lake swim one day, such steamer ticket entrance ticket or meeting are economic many, each takes what he needs, everyone is happy. Spend these places after swimming between one climate, reoccupy believes west lake of attend a day school of Ma You reins between one climate, that apple-pie worthy trip.
As to gust fastfood, on willow billow Wen Ying, the clear river lane below foot of wind of Wu Shan day (river lane street) characteristic is one day fastfood street, of Hangzhou make change chicken, east slope flesh, the west lake has here, the name that still has circumjacent each district eats, take enough gut, play knife and fork, it is the aftertaste for certain boundless, indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty. And price justice, child old man does not have bully, taking a dot to go back is more lustre by home village or town. The Huqing beyond hall of Hu Xueyan of red top trader, the newspaper that Xu Xianceng salesmans via been become and hall drugstore are here, still have pull big, fry the tea of west lake Dragon Well tea that sells now now, antique, former juice raw ingredient. Absentminded, days arrives turn, you are reincarnate scholar, shaking folding fan, returned again once upon a time!

Classical recommend:

1, travel book: Beacon of king brilliance of the rising sun " west lake of attend a day school " Zhejiang photography press searchs the history 29 yuan in not speak in detail, in cogongrass path Lu Hangzhong knocks at the footprint that visit involuntary discharge of urine, in rubiginous mark full of stains or spots in wipe light, with the humanitarian, history of death and come to of natural and collective experience, breathe the 1000 breath that carry and fall...

2, travel website: Net of Hangzhou travel

3, travel agent: Phone of of company of travel of Hangzhou new world: 0571-81511180

One, everybody holiday, the strong ground that is tourism of Hangzhou new world receives a trademark.

2, year the ground receives person-time to even more 40 thousand, full-time is outstanding tourist guide member show state power 120 times for you.

3, hotel of class of star of motorcade of travel of professional concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, standard, large dining room recieves actual strength.

4, seasoned outside couplet, plan attune dogs group, assure to recieve quality.

5, maintain good cooperation relationship with airline, force of ticket deal with concrete matters relating to work is abundant.
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