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The west lake swims day admires Gui Ye to enjoy the glorious full moon
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The Hua Xiangnong of Hangzhou Man Chenggui fall, bank of rambling west lake, become aware only dark sweet float. Abide is sweet look, form a cluster all round the floret of bunch catchs the Guishu that make individual plant goldenly. If catch up with the early in the morning with heavy dew to admire the beauty of flowers, cool breeze stroke passes, asperse fall the aroma of one ground, go in Gui Shucong, do not have interest one time, as if the romantic perfume rain in enjoying love novel.

Night, must browse this seasonal ability to treat gotten west lake one of 10 scene -- Ping Huqiu month. This scene is located in a west lake Bai Di is carried on the west, tang Dynasty ever built Wang Huting, quiet day builds drive book building in booth site, build before the building have crawl platform. Cloudless autumn night, lake face is like lens calmly, bright and clear bright moon high above in the sky, moon and lake water hand in photograph reflect, cannot not saying is the most beautiful prospect that visit place sees.
[Qiu You hints]

1 . Money pond river bank will hold annual firework plenary meeting on October 14, the tourist that means feast one's eyes on must notice safety, enter an assembly room according to the arrangement of local traffic control.

2. Swim the means with best west lake is to ride a bicycle, because the distance between annulus lake tourist attraction is not far, cycle already satisfied relaxed. Those who need an attention is, the address that asks for chain store to merchant is being written down to get stuck when the west lake rents a car, when returning a vehicle so, go to the lavatory quite.

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