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Strategy of west lake travel (Gu hill, break tower of the bridge, Su Di, Lei Fen
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Gu hill

Be located in horn of west lake northwest, since scenery resort, it is the place of cultural relic assemble. Scene of the world of article billows cabinet, west lake, Xi Ling imprints the grave of company, autumn Jin, booth that put a crane.
Entrance ticket: Gu hill park 5 yuan

Traffic: Multiply in Hangzhou urban district swim 1, 2, 3 arrive " Xi Ling bridge " the station gets off, be headed for on foot or to disembark to Zhongshan park by west lake yacht.

Clew: Water of annulus of Gu hill all sides, one hill is distinctive, although hill is not tall, it is to view and admire the ground with west lake optimal scenery however.

Break bridge incomplete snow

Be located in west lake white bank east upright, for mythological fokelore " white snake is passed " in the encounter bridge of white a polite form of address for a young woman and Xu Xian. The name that breaks the bridge gets Yu Tangchao, there is the door on olden bridge, there is brim on the door, whenever snow when, intermediate a paragraph snow is on door brim, only both ends has snow on the bridge, like looking at the bridge to be resembled far, call so " snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " .

Traffic: Multiply in Hangzhou urban district 807, swim 1, special railway line of 2 road, holidays falls to the station that break the bridge.

On the west Leng Yin company

Be located in west park of Zhongshan of hill of west lake Gu, it is our country bun of technical research inscriptions engraves the famous learned society with art of painting and calligraphy. Here occupies lake Shan Zhisheng, pull inscriptions China, it is the elite place of Gu hill gardens.

Traffic: By swim 1, 2, to Xi Ling the bridge falls 3, head for on foot.

3 Tan Yinyue

Say again " small sea continent " , it is a west lake the area in 3 islands the biggest, landscape is the richest, famous degree highest person, be known as " west lake the first get the better of condition " , also be the masterpiece of art of the court on Changjiang Delta water. "There is a lake in there is island, island in the lake " the biggest characteristic that is here.

Traffic: You Santan imprints the month can be by the side of the west lake any dock (distributing to wait in park of lakeside, Zhongshan, beautiful harbor, Yue Wangmiao place) head for by west lake yacht, yacht price 20 yuan.

Clew: 3 of Tan Yinyue optimal film the place is in the painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of low whitewash a wall of booth of 9 Qu Qiao, erect, booth opening a network, my heart Xiang Yinting, 9 Qu Qiao middles leaks before the window, of thing senior bank.

Dawn of Su Di spring

Traverse west lake north and south, full-length 2.8 kilometers. When Song Daisu Shi holds the post of Hangzhou to tell a state, open dredge west lake, grass of Feng of mud extraction a lake is built, friend says " Su Di " . Su Di Na Duanjian has Su Dongpo memorial hall.
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