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Chinas first water-rich rocks in the International Cultural Tourism Expo opene
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23, by the China Association of ornamental stones, and water-rich Chinese collectors association county government organized by China Association of rocks in the collection of collectors Committee, Association of Yunnan Province, ornamental stones, water stones Association Fuxian Xiangjiaba, water-rich Maple Leaf Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. hosted "The First China International Jinsha River rocks in water-rich Culture and Tourism Fair" opened. Shuifu located in the Jinsha River, the territory of the Jinsha River stone varieties, large reserves, quality, color, pattern unique. Over the years, water-rich county government make the best use culture as the culture of stone to create business cards, Stone attracted many domestic and overseas friends to visit the stone business, ornamental stones, stone and sightseeing options to improve the water-rich rocks in the country, Cangdan sector visibility. According to reports, the exposition attracted more than 20 from all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities ) And South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries of the stone business, stone friendly boutique carrying two thousand pieces of stone to attend. Fair will continue until November 3. Ma Qizhi, chairman of NPC Ethnic Affairs Committee of China Association of Yan Zhen Tong collectors attended the open ceremony.
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