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Dawn of west lake spring
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The west lake is the shallow inlet that is interlinked with Qian Tangjiang formerly, lake area 3 annulus hill, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, be just as " giant landscape miniascape " , it is 10 old views of Chinese scenic spot one of, have a view scenic spot 40 much place. Among them the famousest west lake 10 scene are:
Between Yuan Younian of the Song Dynasty of dawn of Su Di spring, west lake of Su Dongpo dredge, grass of Feng of mud extraction a lake builds growing bank, the west lake cent is li of lake the lake outside mixing, later generations call this bank Su Di. Build on the bank have 6 bridge, edge bank alls over Zhi Taoliu. Every time spring season, the dew at the beginning of dawn, below willow of rambling bank margin, face of spring breeze stroke, new willow is like smoke, warbler sound He Ming, artistic conception is moving, person " dawn of Su Di spring " .
The Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake is located in a west lake Bai Di is carried on the west, qing Kangxi year build building of book having drive. Here relief is low smooth, connect with the lake, overlook lake day greens jade, it is the one fine point that views and admire lake hill wonderful scenery. The night of lunar circle, lake face wind comes, wave light ripples, inverted image sways, drunk god of your popular feeling is confused. Before harbor watchs a fish, the flower receives Su Di, the back depends on the west hill, the Song Dynasty for you one private villa, say " Lu Yuan " . Qing Kangxi year useless garden rebuilds, strap " fish of the view that spend harbor " 4 words. Rebuilt 1952. Cast bait to red snapper pool by column, piscine happy person is joyous, rambling lynx, especially deep and serene.
Shuang Feng inserts Yun Shuangfeng to show boreal height is mixed south height, photograph of two peaks Yao confronts each other, insert the sky high, show at the concealed when mist light haze is medium, shade. Qing Kangxi emperor swims booth of tablet of west lake buy, change say today renown.
Liu Lang hears warbler to be located in bank of west lake southeast, emerge golden gate comes of clear wave door bank lake region, say to get together when the Southern Song Dynasty Jing Yuan. Lakefront alls over establish weeping willow, emerald green billow is layer upon layer, warbler sound warbling of the oriole. Build now have house famous warbler,
Carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind is located in the bridge that cross rainbow on the west, here has the music courtyard of wine of one brew official when the Song Dynasty, all round much lotus, say wind of music compound carry on one's shoulder. Wind of courtyard of music of instead of the make one's rounds austral Qing Kangxi emperor carries on his shoulder or back. Pool of 5 big lotus monarchs inside. Whenever lotus is opened, faint scent far excessive.
3 pools mirror month of lake outside be located in the biggest islands is small sea continent before. 3 pools are to point to 3 towers commonly, the tower makes an appointment with 2 meters high, tower is hollow, submit Hu form, abdomen has 5 round opening. Every time bright month high above in the sky, inside the tower dot light the lamp illuminates, beam of light mirrors through round hole surface, light of moon, lamplight, lake hands in photograph reflect, tower movie dancing, too many beautiful things.
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