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Xi Zihu: Spring already will raid, the heart already roamed (graph)
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Xi Zihu: Spring already will raid, the heart already roamed (graph)
Tea popular sentiment is warm
The west lake often swims, Dragon Well tea is annual drink, a bit drab rather, want to change a pattern, change play a way, get the recreational trend that pays close attention to Hangzhou person. Ramble village of Dragon Well tea, eat farmhouse meal in recent years very prosperous, it is plum home a depressed place only at first, there is village of tea of a depressed place of Mao Jiabu, small tooth, dragon a depressed place nowadays, still often have swim newly bit of dorp or farmhouse compound appear. Lakefront of leisurely You Xizi, other people of thorough Dragon Well tea, at the west lake group in mountain village, admire scene, collect tea, Pin Ming, small drink, have the taste of the Yun Yehe that choose spare time quite. Present west lake the awaken of spring is still easy, shallow light a verdancy, afternoon sunshine Li Jingjing twinkles, wait for tea sweet develop bubble along with water and go out, wind around those who rise namely, warm warm mood melts at the bottom of the heart.

A depressed place of ◆ plum home is recumbent the foresight of the tea garden of ancestors and recreational development is one of tourist attractions of Hangzhou mark sex already, a few other peoples depend on Mao Jiabu the farmhouse courtyard that Hei Wagong lantern packs Bai Qiang is flourishing rise, small tooth as fortified building the environments of 3 quiet and beautiful that face hill also drew a batch of people indeed, the normative service of village of tea of dragon a depressed place is to call a person to eat and drink more be at ease.

Characteristic of tea of ◆ Dragon Well tea is compressed tall and graceful, colour and lustre is green emerald green, sweet mellow greenery is just like leaf of water wave willow, ripple strange feeling. Toward 3 grams tea is put in glass, the hot water that with 200 milliliter 80 ℃ control develops bubble, all of sweet, color, flavour gives not much time.

Time water Mei

Of the west lake famed, have beautiful scenery reason admittedly, but the historical culture that also cannot leave a west lake and relevant character origin. Clever concealed temple also is the place of the be pregnant with of west lake culture, bai Juyi and Su Dongpo, laborious abandons disease and Yue Fei, make sea of celestial being, law and white a polite form of address for a young woman, a paragraph lifelike wears paragraph of story years time, wave smooth inverted image is worn the history is transitional. Ramble breaks bridge incomplete snow, walk Su Di, you Xiling imprints the carry on one's shoulder of company, 3 wind of courtyard of Tan Yinyue, music, tower that protect 俶, thunder peak tower is romantic double embrace... should appreciate a west lake to need much angle to make the same score look into the distance from a high place, bird's eye, overlook allegedly, just can see its romantic charm. On bank, bridge, booth before medium, stage, downstair, the scene that a Shui Bo billows, between half drunk mist-covered water, static see time flutter, hill ins good health, water ins good health, bottom of the heart of horsetail whisk of time water Mei, change bright and clean.
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